Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Purty Nuetrals

I am no stranger to pattern and crazy color combos...but sometimes I just love me some neutrals

add some pink into this mix.......and we have some spring!


  1. I have been pining for a set of chairs like those! Lovely color combo!

  2. What I love most about neutral rooms is the use of plants. They look so much more lush and vibrant against a neutral backdrop and become such a beautiful focal point.

  3. You spelled neutral wrong. Just wanted you to know so you can fix it!

  4. Agreed. I love a neutral space. Anything that is light and bright makes me happy :)

  5. You know you misspelled neutral, right? I could barely read the article. My face was twitching!

  6. Love the way the way the colours have been kept neutral so all the architectural details can sing. Also - a muted pink would totes work in that space. xxx

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  9. The colors on your link dots are great with the photo. Nice shot anyway and those dot colors make it sing.

  10. Beautiful *_* nice colors as well as gorg chairs
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  11. Neutral colors are best paired with plants and flowers. Simplicity plus vibrance. -Patrick Tan

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