Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Look and a Instagram Giveaway

I am in the process of revamping all of my web stuff

Shoppe is the first to debut its makeover and I really love its new look

In celebration I am partaking in a Instagram Giveaway as well as Free Shipping on all pillows!

If you do not follow along with me on Instagram get involved! The name is 


 like and #regram my Shoppe Giveaway and on Friday I will pick a winner to walk home with 

you can tweet about it also for an additional chance at winning!

Good Luck and get supportin!


Spring is coming and this NECKLACE IS EVERYTHING....

I will wear it everyday of the rest of my life.

PLUS there is a HUGE SALE going on at ShopBop...

Christmas came early lovers!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Life according to my phone....

My phone tends to tell stories.... 
It tells Tall tales of a life spent looking at fancy things, sunning myself on pristine beaches, and hours and hours of free time to DIY and teach my child to ride her bike.

don't be deceived by its allure of grandeur.. 

last weeks "behind the scenes" story mainly involved a  super grumpy baby, seriously snotty tissues, and crazy overwhelmed parents

here is my jerky phones version of what happened the couple weeks.

I installed some stuff at various clients..

 a custom chair ...

some amazing art by Jenny....

some cute wallpaper...

and a couple gorgeous mirrors in a master bath

then I whipped together some pretty pillow combos from the shoppe,

 and some other pretty pillows were pulled for the most perfect of clients

 Me and the duck got inspired and started a crazy DIY project.

and I was inspired to do even more DIY after a quick visit to Anthro.
 I am gonna paint some rocks!

 My BABY learned how to ride a bike...with double pink eye and a double ear infection no less

Then to reward her we decided to take her to Disneyland...
which earned me a giant  GOLD STAR at parenting...

Then we remembered she had double pink eye and a double ear infection which made her miserable and me a giant asshole at life...especially at parenting.

sounds like a week chock full of fun and excitement.....but in reality MOST of it was spent nursing my wee one on the couch .


Monday, February 25, 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Purty Nuetrals

I am no stranger to pattern and crazy color combos...but sometimes I just love me some neutrals

add some pink into this mix.......and we have some spring!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happening at Shoppe

Did you guys see all the new additions to THE SHOPPE?

Go peep it, But I recommend someone purchase them before they all take up permanent residence in my house!

Monday, February 11, 2013


I know you know what a weird and whirlwind few weeks its been. 


I am not going to bore you with my bitchin and moanin about a gosh damn thing.  

I am gonna swiftly change the whole tone here and get back to business as usual. 

Lets talk about fashion shall we ?

Just like this year so wardrobe needs a major do over

Normally, I would run into some chainy affordable joints like Forever21, or H&M and just buy a bunch of shit that's on trend and cheap....The new me ain't getting down like this anymore. 

In my desire to do shit better, I am changing this philosophy. Instead I am going to save up a bit and drop more cash on fewer things that will last me longer. Maybe this is no "new" concept to you smart lovers....but for me it will be a big deal.

I am going to start with these staples.. I suggest you follow along

2 new pairs of "go with everything" jeans 1 light  1 black and holey
2 new pairs of shoes 1 flat 1 bootie both colors go with everything
2 new sweaters, both neutral both comfy both conducive to layers underneath
2 new jackets, 1 edgy faux leather + 1 comfy army. both great for layering 
2 new bags. 1 for color pop and functionality, 1 for "chic on the go" that blends with everything

option 1
jeans // jacket 1// jacket 2 //  shoes // sweater // bag // bag 2 // jeans 2 // booties //

Monday, February 4, 2013

spring is least I hope

even though I am still in the UK and its minus  -7,235

I cant help but dream of spring.

I am going crazy shopping for all things corally, minty, and muted. The shoppe is getting its fair share of pretty new pillows that I thought I would give you a glimpse of. 

They are screaming

Wanna know whats even better.....


if you are interested before they go live, just email me

I come home tomorrow. This trip has been very very stressful and sad, however I am ready to come home and start fresh. 

I have some really exciting things in the works for 2013 and I am ready as ever to get the ball rolling.

P.S the new website/blog is almost complete!!!!
 I will do my damndest to make sure you all know about the dates of the big switch and what I will need you all to do to stay with the program