Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Spin Me right Round

I bought the Duck a record player for x-mas. 
I have to say at first I was super hesitant about the purchase since I knew that I was gonna be
 perpetually annoyed by exposed stereo equipment in my house.


 I bought a fancy and sleek model and thankfully we have been listening to such great records lately that I am not all that bummed by the visual burdens that be.

Here is my top four spinners of the month...if y'all haven't heard, take a listen!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

you spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round...


  1. We have so many old albums I'd love to play..takes me WAAAAYYY back. Enjoy spinning! Hope youre feeling better.
    xo Nancy

  2. I bought one for my husband's birthday last year and I was a little worried for the same reasons. We have a great little closet (almost a coat closet) that sits central in the house and we have outfitted it with all of our media. The stereo, turntable, speakers (and soon those ugly and annoying cable boxes) are all stored away nicely out of sight. It may not be the crispest out there, but I just love the raw sound of a record playing over the speakers in the house.

  3. In this iTunes age I've forgotten how beautiful album art is. Have you been buying albums online? I have suddenly decided we need a record player in our house. Mostly so I can own and covet pretty album covers.

  4. Lady- we have the same taste in music! The purity ring peeps are from here and two of them used to be in a band called Gobble Gobble. We love them and were lucky enough to catch a couple of small shows they did.
    I don't know Wild Nothing. Will check them out, thanks.

  5. tried kishi bashi yet? that has been the latest at our house.

  6. love beach house and got to see them play last year. so good!

  7. I love my record player, and my records. They are part of what makes my place feel like home for sure. What I don't love is the Ikea Expedit, which seems to be the only shelf I can find on the market that is actually deep enough to store records without them sticking out over the edge of the shelves, and not so flimsy that it collapses under the weight of all that vinyl. Any recommendations for record storage? I've got several hundred and would love to have a chic, or at least neutral, way to store them.

  8. Such a wonderful roundup ("Fineshrine" is soooooo good) -- gives me even more motivation to finally get a record player!

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  11. I have hundreds of 45’s that at the moment are piled on top of each other and end up scattered all over the floor when I think of a particular song and start searching for it. As you can imagine the living room gets untidy very quickly and very often! I’m looking for a storage solution too but it has to enable me to see the records as well as keeping them out of harm’s way and clean and tidy. Any ideas?

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