Thursday, January 10, 2013

Get the Look...

Friends, I have fallen victim to the flu that is currently plaguing 60% of the American population

and seriously...
this shit is intense

Since I had to cancel meetings yesterday and hole up in my bed, I had some time on my hands to finally snap some pictures of my media area

I have posted a few pics on my Instagram (amberinteriors) and folks kept asking me to show the full view and asked lots of questions of where I got various things from the set up..etc.

Well, Hey now
 why don't I just show ya lovers....then you can make it on your own!



1 // console // bins // 2 // lampshade // lamp base // 3 // 4 // 5 // 


  1. I'm curious as to where you store your media equipment (DVD, Tivo, etc...)? Looks great & I love the striped bins.

  2. Great eclectic feel and I love all the storage. Feel better!


  3. It looks awesome! Doing it up around the screen has always been my sticking point. I like how you incorporated lamps! Get well...we have it here too!

  4. love this! thanks for sharing! you just prompted me to get on over to your instagram account!!! such a cute little girl of yours...

  5. Oh man, was just struck down with the flu over the weekend, along with half my family. Sure is hard to care for your kids when both parents are down. Hope you feel better soon! Love the pics, those bins are awesome! Thanks for sharing, I love all you do but am mostly a stalker, not a lot of commenting.

  6. I had the flu too...take it easy, Amber. Love the striped bins.

  7. sorry you are sick my darling girl. many thanks for the link to one of my paintings. it sold, so i thank you!

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  9. This area is phenomenal! I need to recreate ASAP!

  10. Hi Amber, I guess you are well and truly over your flu by now! I just discovered your blog whilst looking for some design inspiration for my media area, it looks great! I really like the way you have used the striped boxes, or maybe they are bags, for storage. My main problem with 2 toddlers in the house is where to store their bits and pieces whilst making sure it’s still easy to access.

  11. the flu was indeed very heavy for the body, thank you for your post, I love