Friday, November 9, 2012

Phone Tales

 Phew, what a week

Lets re-cap shall we??

Mrs. Meares travelled all the way from the South and paid me and G a visit for a few days. We did all types of fun lady things and even squeezed in a x-mas shoot featuring all types of Furbish goodies..

then we ate Eggs Benedict for 3 days straight only taking a break to eat fish tacos

In Work related news......A living room pillow scheme was created

The Shoppe is about to get some gorgeous additions.....

and the Ikat Pom Pom pillows got a little press in Foam Magazine's Holiday issue

 have a fun filled weekend lovers. It is finally cold in L.A so you can expect I will be bundled up clutching a Starbucks holiday cup tightly.


  1. Super pretty post. Snowing in Mammoth and really enjoying the fires in the fireplaces.

  2. Those Ikat pom pom pillows *swoon*

  3. The pillow works are awesome... I really like it :)

  4. Hi Amber. Love your blog and I absolutely am crazy for your pillow stylings! When do the new additions hit the shoppe? Very excited!!

  5. Really fantastic..the pillow are so nice... i love so much..

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