Friday, November 16, 2012

Phone Tales

I am wrapping up a Dining Room install today and went a bit pillow crazy in the meantime

I am so excited to show you pretty pictures once its all, here are some sneaky peakies

stay tuned...(yuck I hate saying that)

I also got some photos from a client that we have been working on in Australia

I stole this idea from here

once we accessorize, its gonna look AMAZING

speaking of Australia, we are in full swing designing and filling a whole container to be shipped across the big blue sea to the "Land Down Unda" 

Its gonna be good

Today is the last day to enter the hop to it if you have not already

kinda a lame post..but whatevs


  1. Laaaarrrrveee what you have going on. Dining room will be fab!

  2. I can't wait to see all of those rooms finished- the sneaks are gorgeous.

  3. Love! When you said that you stole the idea for the wall installation, I totally thought you were going to mention this. Same idea, smaller nook. I still want to use that wallpaper somewhere!

  4. i love it all! the colors are peaceful.

  5. Australia?? Really...can't wait to see what's in store!

  6. where do you get all the seagrass / jute rugs that you use. I like the heavier weave and looking for something like that.

  7. Going "pillow crazy" is a total rush isn't it!? Love them. And the shelving is awesome! Can't wait to see the project complete.

  8. sneaks are very good and the pillows are made a very good effect keep it up.

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