Friday, November 2, 2012

Phone Tales

What a week

It was actually really fun filled and cray cray, however my phone tales are kinda sad

anyways, this is my week in a nut shell according to my iPhone

The Cabinetry I designed was installed in client PMP (pretty much perfects) Dining Room and is currently getting the finish of a lifetime 

G dressed up as Tinkerbell, and she nailed the part!

My fingers are crossed Client LFP goes for this wallpaper in their powder room...maybe you could help me convince them..

then we decided that this is the drapery combo in LFP dining room....I die!

and here is the big picture

I bought these shoes, and the jury is still out on them. Floral Rose Gold studs....hmmm?

I also bought THESE SHOES and the verdict is that they are AWESOME!
 I will never remove them from my feet

happy weekend lovers 

Be safe


  1. You have an amazing job, Lady, and you do it amazingly well!
    I NEED ankle boots like those.
    G is the cutest tinkerbell evah.

    Tell your client we are living vicariously through their home and we want Orangerie!

  2. LOVE the built-ins!!! that hardware! . . .swoon . . . and YES to the wallpaper and floral booties!!!! you rock

  3. I love those studded floral shoes! They are funky as all hell! Love.

  4. G is such a cute little tink! Love the wallpaper, crossing fingers that client goes for it!

  5. G is perfectly adorable. I love the cabinetry Amber, it is spectacular! Not sure about the studded desert boots, but LOVE the leather booties. Have a great weekend.
    xo Nancy

  6. who designed that wallpaper? amazing!

  7. Your little one is SO sweet and holy god, I hope your client goes for the Orangie- I've literally been DYING to use it somewhere.

  8. Looks like so much fun stuff going on! I say YES to that wallpaper hello, no brainer. Your little Tinker Bell is ridiculously cute right now. Omg.

  9. giiirrrrllllll....I just bought those booties! All cuz of your post. LOVE!

  10. It is wonderful
    These are great pics...and the place is beautiful :-)
    I love your blog :x

    Welcome to my blog

  11. Looks like a busy week! Those shoes rock I love them and I love tinkerbells fun gold uggies too :)

  12. Darling Tinkerbell...just like my daughter about 18 years ago! Love the trim on the curtains...details like that are so fun.

  13. PS. Amber, your word verification was so hard this morning...I had to try three times to leave a comment.

  14. That wallpaper is beautiful. I could just imagine it in a feminine bathroom. Hope your client goes for it :)

    Stay in the Lines

  15. awsomw, stunning and astonishing work !!

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  17. i am dying over that picture of G! she is adorable!!!

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  19. I like for your picture , very cute :)