Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Here and There

Did you guys happen to see To and From Magazine?

It's the awesome gift guide from bomb bloggers Meg and Kate with guest appearances from every awesome bloggin gal under the sun!

I had my own little part in it as well...

Remember when Jamie and I were taking fancy x-mas photos...?

well, ta-dah

I am getting antsy for December 1st so I can put our tree up! 

The duck insists it cannot go up until December..

I say bahumbug to you my grouchy counterpart 

I think I am vibing on a cheesy Xmas mixed with a bit of Kitsch

what do you lovers think?

can I get the silver tinsel out?


  1. And I thought my husband was bad making me wait until after Thanksgiving! Only a few more days.

    Greet article. I just wish it was longer! Any outtakes?

    Live Inspired,

    Heidi Chamoun

  2. OH my guuuuuush! I am totally in love with your dining room - I want SO badly to have it in my home! Congrats on the feature, that is so great! Hope you'll visit my blog - I'm hosting a $150 giveaway to Gilded Mint - amazing abstract art featured on One Kings Lane!


  3. Oh I like this! I'm not a designer but my sister has put together a number of dining room decorations at her house that are pretty impressive. I personally love a well decorated home.

  4. Loved the dining room all festive! Perfect place to have a few parties. I tried to convince my fam to get a white tree this year, but they were all noooo it has to be natural. Next year I'm doing it on my own.

  5. I am offended by how good looking that arrangement is. haha Seriously I love everything about it. Where is your beautiful rug from?

  6. So beautiful and colourful and fantastical! AH!