Friday, November 30, 2012

phone tales

I have little room left in my brain to talk about anything but project LFP

It's been all consuming and I mean that in the best way possible.

however my phone has tales of a different story..apparently x-mas happened 

Here is what my phone brain saw this week..

master bedroom hand embroidered chinoiserie Yep

fancy drapery valances..yep

the now discontinued and never to be seen again (at least on this ground) Clarence House Ocelot

the now discontinued and never to be sold from the bolt again Katana in this colorway by Kelly Weartsler

cute little chairs getting re-upholstered.

LFP is scoring MAJORLY

Then I strung some pom pom garland

 and the duck put these happy Bastards up on the lawn

Penny was elated about all of it

Till next week lovers.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


AID has been working on project "LFP" over here for the past few months and it is getting near the big install day!

This is the MOST exciting part of any project becuause you finally get to see what all of your hard work and sleepless nights will finally amount to.

 Over the next 2 weeks I will try and chronicle the happenings in each room bit by bit. Its a big house and we are doing the whole damn thang you'll have plenty of eye candy

Couches, drapes, rugs, pillows, stunning "knock your socks off" artwork!!!

You will just die at the stuff these clients already had!

Anyways, here is what happened yesterday. We smashed some walls, built some banquette seating and installed some lights.




We also painted a dining room, painted a powder room, and installed more lights...
heres a little peak of this!

grotto chairs and a nice lovely shade of white- check

glossy peacock blue walls - check

brass fanciness with custom shades- check

lots going on...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

making my lists...

no need to check them twice...

these are some fine staples that I think we should all have in common


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Here and There

Did you guys happen to see To and From Magazine?

It's the awesome gift guide from bomb bloggers Meg and Kate with guest appearances from every awesome bloggin gal under the sun!

I had my own little part in it as well...

Remember when Jamie and I were taking fancy x-mas photos...?

well, ta-dah

I am getting antsy for December 1st so I can put our tree up! 

The duck insists it cannot go up until December..

I say bahumbug to you my grouchy counterpart 

I think I am vibing on a cheesy Xmas mixed with a bit of Kitsch

what do you lovers think?

can I get the silver tinsel out?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

some installs...

as always we are busy around here....

Last week we installed two different clients rooms. 

A dining room and a living room..

These are just some iphone pics worth sharing

Client 1 
(AKA client "Pretty Much Perfect")

and client 2

lots of staging needs to happen and much better pictures will for shuuuure be in the future cause the pictures just don't do the rooms justice!

I will be taking the day off tomorrow to shove my pie hole full of pie..and stuff
I hope you lovers all have a fantastic Turkey day.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

If I was...

If I was an impeccably stylish dude...

My house would look like this snazzy fellas

it's cozy and bright and eclectic, but masculine all the same

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Drum Roll Please

and the winner is...........

You lucky gal!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Phone Tales

I am wrapping up a Dining Room install today and went a bit pillow crazy in the meantime

I am so excited to show you pretty pictures once its all, here are some sneaky peakies

stay tuned...(yuck I hate saying that)

I also got some photos from a client that we have been working on in Australia

I stole this idea from here

once we accessorize, its gonna look AMAZING

speaking of Australia, we are in full swing designing and filling a whole container to be shipped across the big blue sea to the "Land Down Unda" 

Its gonna be good

Today is the last day to enter the hop to it if you have not already

kinda a lame post..but whatevs

Thursday, November 15, 2012

What a Girl Wants..

Hi Lovers,

if I was Fancy...I would buy these things and wear them.

sad fact is, I aint that fancy, but no doubt you lovers are!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Turkey Time Lovers


Who wants to WIN??


oh you do, OK great 

lets get right to that

pom pom ikat pillow up for grabs!

here is what you gotta do

Pinterest..follow it
Twitter...make it happen
blogger...snoop it it

leave me a comment after you did it

oh and hey while yur at it
Tell you friends about Shoppe and get a bonus entry

PLUS because I am majorly nice

GET 10% off your entire shoppe order!


I will announce the winner on Saturday the 17th 

good luck 

Monday, November 12, 2012


I did it Y'all...I have arrived (Haaaayy)

Big time winner in the hizzzz-ouse

I fully expect to be best friend with Gwyneth Paltrow by the end of the week and  I am pretty sure any second now Jay Z and B are gonna call to set up a playdate with Blue Ivy and G...

I mean we are officially official now .....right??


Ok wait, but really

I am super happy to announce my first glossy magazine. Not once but Twice!

First up


The amazing photographer David Tsay and insane stylist Dani Fisher did a fabulous job of making my house look pretty good 

?? dontcha think ??

Then, this pretty pillow here got some well deserved mag love in Foam Mag

You guys can go make me look good and buy these mags! 

Maybe I'll do a pillow giveaway just to Thank You all for lovin' and supportin'

P.S. My home girl Bailey got some glossy time in HGTV as well....I will let her humble brag about herself and not spoil her fun in case she is talking bout it on her bloggy today as well...

but what I will say is......we look good as mag neighbors

Friday, November 9, 2012

Phone Tales

 Phew, what a week

Lets re-cap shall we??

Mrs. Meares travelled all the way from the South and paid me and G a visit for a few days. We did all types of fun lady things and even squeezed in a x-mas shoot featuring all types of Furbish goodies..

then we ate Eggs Benedict for 3 days straight only taking a break to eat fish tacos

In Work related news......A living room pillow scheme was created

The Shoppe is about to get some gorgeous additions.....

and the Ikat Pom Pom pillows got a little press in Foam Magazine's Holiday issue

 have a fun filled weekend lovers. It is finally cold in L.A so you can expect I will be bundled up clutching a Starbucks holiday cup tightly.