Friday, August 3, 2012

Get your Curtains Here!

As promised Shoppe is proud to announce some new additions...

I am so excited to be offering them in a couple different "trade-only" fabrics

Trade only you ask...?

Let me explain...

I get about 5-10 emails a day from lovers asking me about where and how much it's gonna cost to get some of the stuff you all see in my designs.

I am an interior designer first and a blogger second, so unfortunately I run into a problem when it comes down to divulging my sources for all the worlds to read.

I am always so tempted to just give you all every detail of what I do and tell you all what it costs but then I would be broke and my kid would have to get a part time job just to help pay the bills....

she's 3 and I am pretty sure that's illegal

anyways....I want everyone to get a piece of designer....and so comes in 
Trade Only Fabric Curtains in standard sizes for all the peeps who so desire and can justify the duckets

Here is what I have to offer so far.

You can go take a peek here

Beats Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware if you ask me!!

don't be scurred to tell your friend and your friends friends that we are open for biznass


  1. What style is the header? It says it comes with pins, but the top looks like just a flat panel or rod pocket.

  2. I love the curtain on the first photo. I really fits for my condominium. Wish to own them soon. :)

    makati condominiums

  3. Fantastic Amber! I love to see the growth in your shoppe! and all that you're up to..great things kiddo.

  4. Chairs are looking brilliant. Beds are appearing good but would be much expensive.

  5. OMG yesss, I'm so excited! I want them all though, guess I'll just have to buy a bigger house.
    so purty!!!

  6. I love the David Hicks curtains if I wasn't so broke I would buy them :(!. You're doing a great job!

  7. These are great, very modern! Please visit us at

  8. To make a panel of a curtain, pin a length of contrasting edging fabric to one long edge of the main fabric (right sides together) and stitch it in place. Press the seam open.
    curtain wall

  9. Hey amber, you have a nice interior designing skills. Thanks for showcasing your talent on web. At the time i started will remodeling of my home interior i will contact you.

  10. You can get your curtains from the post here. Good post