Thursday, July 26, 2012

5 Things I Ain't Mad At Part 3

Time for another edition of 5 Things I Ain't Mad At

I am constantly trying to figure out "Whats Next" in the design world.

I scour art books, old design magazines, even old books about movies and music trying to muster up some crazy new trend that I can take and run with...

lately I am so uninspired 

So....lets talk about shit I still love and may just keep on recycling 

1. Otomi

*oh hey BTW This Otomi Headboard will be for sale soon....because i am doing a one kings lane sale ....shhh! *

2.  Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees and Fabric

3. Black and White Stripes

4. Bold Florals



Still Obsessed....and Just can't shake it

what say you lovers?


  1. Amber, doll, I love that OKL headboard you have going! I feel like I'm in the same boat as you. Just got the new Luxe mag and was more excited about a couple of ads than the well. Right there with you for all five choices in this group.

  2. i coudlnt have said it better. in fact, all of those things are amazing staples, for real. i still havent found a place to put my awesome b/w striped rug from your Shoppe. but i love it and will one day :) I wanna wallpaper everything, but I am afraid I may move!

  3. Some design trends just stick! LOVE that floral couch from Furbish. Yum.

  4. Black and white stripes are one of those trends that will never die. They're too classy to die!


  5. I think some looks are just here to stay...and I'm fine with that! Especially the black & white stripes- it's so bold but so simple, so how could anyone ever get tired of it?

  6. That headboard for sale? One Kings Lane??? YESSSSSS!!! And I just painted b&w stripes in my living room and want to throw some floral in there. Glad this post wasn't about "things I hate". haha! xoxo

  7. Bold Floral and Wallpaper heck yes!!! Excited for the OKL sale :)

  8. Congrats! And here's hoping OKL ships a little faster than Joss & Main. Not your fault obviously, but I ordered one of the pillows you chose for your Joss sale, and they still haven't shipped it. That's going on 7 weeks with no reasonable explanation as to the delay. Luckily they gave me $10 to "help you find your Joss in the future." Yikes. My Joss? Where is it? I hope it's not contagious.

  9. Every post makes me smile. Love it. Love it all!

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  11. Great grouping of pics! I pinned at least half of them.
    Black and white is such a show stopper and always in style.

  12. Some things are such classics, they never truly go out of style, even if they see waxes and wanes in their trendiness factor. Ethnic/tribal fabrics like the Otomi or kubu cloth, bold florals (think Josef Frank who designed in the 1st half of this century!), and black and white (both neutrals, really, but when combined so much more dramatic than either alone) all qualify. But your Otomi photo #3 of the bedspread does bring up one question: that looks like at least a queen size and I've never seen an Otomi large enough to cover a queen or king bed like that, with enough drape on either side to qualify its use as a coverlet. Anyone here have a source? I've thought about seaming two together, but would prefer not to (matching the fabric at the seam(s) would be crazy-making), and don't see any sign of a seam in the referenced photo...

    Sue in RI

  13. hi amber! just wanted to tell you how AMAZING your blog is! i seriously love your taste! keep the posts coming! :)

  14. I'm totally loving all these design trends too and don't mind them sticking around for now :) Congrats on the OKL sale!!! Can't wait to see all the goodies :)

    xo Edyta

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  16. That looks like at least a queen size and I've never seen an Otomi large enough to cover a queen or king bed like that, with enough drape on either side to qualify its use as a coverlet. Wilsonville Garage Doors

  17. I just love black and white decor and the striped wall looks unique. But i would prefer going for horizontal stripes than vertical to make the room look larger. I know its a tough task.

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  19. Wallpaper... I love it! <3333

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  21. I am not sure it the comment was posted :) But I was saying thank you for promoting @arteOtomi :)