Friday, July 27, 2012

Mid Centur..pretty

Hi Lovers!

Lets look at pretty pictures and move past the fact that I have kinda been ignoring all of you lately...

Don't be mad at a Mama on her own with a lot on her plate

I still love you

moving on...

I dig me a splash of Mid Century in my decor. Don't you?

BTW, I am suffering from separation anxiety excited for my trip to Vegas!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

5 Things I Ain't Mad At Part 3

Time for another edition of 5 Things I Ain't Mad At

I am constantly trying to figure out "Whats Next" in the design world.

I scour art books, old design magazines, even old books about movies and music trying to muster up some crazy new trend that I can take and run with...

lately I am so uninspired 

So....lets talk about shit I still love and may just keep on recycling 

1. Otomi

*oh hey BTW This Otomi Headboard will be for sale soon....because i am doing a one kings lane sale ....shhh! *

2.  Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees and Fabric

3. Black and White Stripes

4. Bold Florals



Still Obsessed....and Just can't shake it

what say you lovers?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Market market

So Katie and I are off to go hang in Vegas at the Vegas Market this weekend and I am so excited but so nervous because I am leaving baby G for two whole nights...longest stretch so far.

I am sure after my first black jack table cocktail and a long awaited reunion with Mrs. Meares I will forget all about my silly anxiety....
I hope

Its a quick trip so I need a small bag, which is gonna suck cause I am a blowhard when it comes to packing.

I tend to pack things in my suitcase I haven't worn in 6 years or things that are totally climate inappropriate.

am I alone?

I am such a frantic idiot that I created myself a template.... 

Market: dress+boots+earings
Poolside: caftan+swimsuit

Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Friday!

What a slow blogging week for me

Sorry lovers, 

I promise one day to do better :)

Here is a super boring post about rooms I like that are making my decor tentacles tingle

light fixture..die

suzani and a little canopy..fab

bench and strip over load...gush

white white white with a side of disco ball

wicker headboard goodness

Happy Happy Friday and weekend

OH OH OH and in case you don't follow me on should (amberinteriors)

Cause I drop News Bombs!

Take a guess as to why I may be taking photos of all this awesome new furniture I designed....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Luck lady "Client Awesome" and her adorbs fam travelled down under to Australia at the beginning of the year. 
Because she is awesome, and has a knack for finding the coolest of the cool, she stumbled upon some of the raddest stores and spots that OZ had to offer. 

One of the spots she found was this cool art gallery selling photographs. 

Since we are like boyfriend and girlfriend, "Awesome" emailed me up and said...

"Mama, check this out!"

Well, I did 

and now because of her sharing is caring mentality I get to share this ahhh-mazing resource with you lovers

Of course "awesome" brought one home with her 

Um..its amazing

She bought this one

it's beyond pretty...let me tell you

I am also crushing on these

Thanks Awesome!!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sweetie Pie

I am of two minds to show you these pics..

Not because the house doesn't ROCK...but because my photo taking skills SUCK!

Remember when I showed you Client Sweetie Pies Before and Afters?

We finally did the install last week and here is what it came out looking like.

Please ignore these crappy ass photos..















Clients Sweetie Pie has been the biggest SWEETIE PIE Ever!

So easy to work with, SO trusting and SO SO SO Sweet..

We are still waiting on a new sofa and some new artwork and adding in a bit more zhashoom

But there ya go folks, another install down!