Wednesday, June 13, 2012


After my week of install craziness, I am officially a rug pad and vanity stool short of being done with this phase and on to the next with client "pretty much perfect"

Thanks so much for all your sweet comments about the finished project. 
It really is a stunner
I only wish I had better photo taking skills!

The duck and I are off this morning for some much needed R&R and a night away from G

 :( / :)

I might be ignoring you lovers for the next day or so
 ...don't leave me!

Here is more pics of client "PMP"

(The wallpaper BTW is by Galbraith & Paul. Contact me if you wanna purchase!)

Cork Board!

Headboard deets!

bit o bathroom 

OK I am off to Ojai Valley Inn and Spa!

Laters Lovers


  1. Enjoy your deserve it after whipping up that last project. And NO mom-guilt while you are away!

  2. I love the Moroccan Wedding Blanket! (And everything else I might add)

  3. Aghghg that bed shot is amazing!!!!!! Such an awesome room. Have a great/relaxing time!!! xoox

  4. Enjoy Ojai! I had lunch at the inn a few weeks ago and totally fell in love. I hope you can share a few pics from your weekend!

  5. Enjoy some well-deserved time off! You should be so proud of yourself- the house is gorgeous!

  6. Your talent is awesome! Your improvements are just amazing. Thanks for your hard work and letting us enjoy them as well.

  7. Can't say enough how much I love it, gorgeous!

  8. I can't get over how amazing it all came out! I want to move in!!

  9. I love it A-L-L! What a gorgeous makeover. The coarkboard, headboard and wallpaper are epic!

    holly foxen wells

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  11. Wallpaper is gorgeous and the bathroom is awesome. Your client must be very happy with your excellent work! And oh, the bed is seductive!

  12. YOu nailed it! Totally cool. The bedroom is awesome and love it that you can see the bathroom in the wallpaper from the bedroom. You said it- perfect!

  13. LOVE everything! Where is the table/desk/console from?

  14. beautiful - I love all the layers - you're awesome!

  15. Love the cork board! Made me instantly think of something Oprah might do!

  16. Love that desk, where is it from? :)

  17. love the desk and chair. They are main attraction of this house and looking simply amazing.

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