Thursday, June 7, 2012

Joss & Main Sale!

Hey Lovers

Wanna get some Amber Interiors vibes in your pad???

Well, the lovely folks at Joss & Main asked me to participate in a little curator sale over on their site and it is finally live today!

Go HERE  and sign up if you don't already have an account and shop the Amber Interiors Eclectic Look!

P.S. I have been posting some behind the scenes photos of client "Pretty Much Perfects" progress on Instagram... if you don't follow me yet go dooo eeeett


  1. Way to go. We are all so proud of your success! Im a J & M junkie.

  2. I wanta squeeze you so hard!!! I've got a big ol'grin on my face!!!HUGE,congrats!! I just saw the Joss & Main release! How cute is your face!
    And...whoever you fired this week probably deserved it - ten times over!

    1. Love you Kiki! So much support, I learned so much from you!!!

  3. I love love love your items on Joss & Main today! I'm obsessed with their site (and yours) and you have some kick a$$ things on there. Huge kudos to you!

  4. I am totally bummed, have been trying for about an hour now to buy the black and white chevron rug and for whatever reason it won't let me check out....UGH!!! So frustrating. I want it so bad...such a good price. Going to bed now with sad face :-( LOVE everything!!!! Will try again tomorrow. XoXo

  5. So. Doll. Just went over there. I must say, your collection is the best I have seen on there!!! Ahhhh!! So proud of you. Looks amazing. What a shock there :)

  6. The before and after pictures would be the only way to tell that the rooms are the same. The transition you made from dull and boring to warm and living is truly amazing you are an artist. Love the room so beautiful.