Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why in the Hell?

Hay thayer friends!!

I am officially stupid....here is why

Lately I do things with zero common sense..

I never, ever say anything accept the word "Yes" when most of the time I wanna yell "no no NOOOO"

At least 4 times a day I whisper to myself..."Hey Amber, why in the hell did you do that??"

for example

Hey Amber, why in the hell did you say yes to having a magazine come and shoot your house when you can barely remember to brush your teeth or pick up your laundry off the floor??

Hey Amber , why in the hell would you decide to rip open your bathroom two days after your husband gets home from being gone for 2 months and then force him to do demo and think about plumbing when all he wants to do is spend time with his kid and wife....

Hey Amber, why in the HELL would you offer up what little time you have left in your insane life and schedule 4 room installs and a brand new client design project in the next 2-3 weeks (read above husband just got home and leaving for two months at the end of June, remodeling bathroom, and have a huge photo shoot)...all to be completed the end of June???

Why in the HELL?????

As Katie likes to say "I come from a place of yes" and as I like to say "chaos is comforting"

Sometimes I must admit though, my hungry ass bites off way more than I can chew.

Lets seg-way into my bathroom affairs... a great example of taking on too much...

This is all happening now and I wish I could wiggle my nose to make it all go away.

Here is the bathroom in all of it's glory when we bought our house....

pink nasty THEN:

and pink nasty NOW:

look how happy he is.

"Amber, you are such a pain in the arse"

Fingers crossed this shit gets wrapped up this week....otherwise I might rush my face in this toilet


  1. haha I hear ya... I sometimes say yes too often too & it never is a good idea lol!!!

  2. Oh my word...I can so relate but in a not as productive way- you have so much on the go...quite sure that you'll get 'er all done though- that's just the kind of rockstar you are. And high fives to your sweet husband- mine often has a similar look on his face...right after he says 'are we ever going to be done with the house' and I say 'nope' ;)

  3. This is why your are a skinny super mum/designing extraordinaire. Poor Mike he looks miserable hehe. Will you be coming to blighty in November? xxx

  4. I know how you feel. I feel like I'm super woman and that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to no matter what it takes. Then in a midst of it I think "what the hell?!". It's hard now but you will be so happy once its done and you look at your beautiful home in that glossy magazine!

  5. my life is paralleling your (only) on the bathroom front! my hubs is doing the reno and he wants to have me assasinated, Im sure...

    it cant go quick enough :/

    lets hear more about this photo shoot bidness?!!! YAY for you. Can't wait to see.

    I know you can swing all of this - that's what resourceful women and moms do. You GOT this! And I'll send a virtual margarita for when you are done :)

  6. Yikes, that's a LOT to tackle missy. But we're rooting for you to finish this ish because NO ONE wants to see you flush your face in said toilet. Nothing cute or fun about that!

  7. Wow... that IS a lot! You must be exhausted. I have the same problem in that I hate saying no to anything out of fear of missing an opportunity. But then I wind up being so overwhelmed! The madness never stops....

  8. 1) I suffer from a similar affliction

    2) My magazine shoot is tomorrow. The rooftop deck hasn't finished being installed. No plantings done. No stylings yet to be done. Hell, we haven't even picked up the props yet.

    3) Tilers are at my house quoting redoing MY bathroom which is alarming small as in exactly the same size as yours if not smaller.

    4) I'm still accepting new projects & offers heck I'm throwing down the gauntlet for more on my plate and I think it's hitting Dr Drew worthy addiction at this point.

    5) Want a Mojito?

  9. Yikes! Good luck- I can't wait to see how it looks!

  10. Oh noooo. I can totally relate by the phrase "chaos is comforting". I can't function without a little chaos. Although I must say as unhappy husband looks, I can't wait to see the new bathroom! I know it's going to look fabulous!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  11. I feel your pain! I am in a similar boat. I cant wait to see how the bathroom comes out and congrats on the magazine shoot :)



  12. Oh, sweet Amber.... We all do things we wish we didn't do... all bite of more than we can chew sometimes... Remember sometimes saying "no" is needed for your health and sanity.... and your husbands ;)
    Take care doll!

  13. You've got so much on your plate right now! But just think, in a month, it will all be over and you can relax (but it is too bad the hubs will be gone by then :( ). I believe in you and know you will get it all done! Good luck!

  14. too funny! Poor man . .at least he is good & handy- that's a plus! It must be heart-breaking not to have that pale blue shag pile toilet seat cover in your life! ha. Good luck. More coffee maybe!?

  15. baby steps...mayb do something special for that poor husband of yours!x

  16. Well it stems from that old saying "seemed like a good idea at the time"........and that my friend is a big fat huge lie. Although I'm sure it will get done.....you might want to take a mind picture of the exact moment when you made those decisions for future reference.....if you know what I mean:)
    Deep breath.......

  17. Make sure you get enough sleep...you will need your energy. We just had a Better Homes and Gardens shoot at our house last week and I am still catching up with work (and we don't have a bathroom demo'ed)! Good luck. You can handle this ...give that man a BIG kiss.

    Better start saying more no's :) or at least postpone things.

  18. Haha I just showed the pics of your hubby to mine...I was like "you can relate to this face can't you?" lol I sat and cracked up over how forlorn your husband looks staring into the destruction of the bathroom!! I can totally relate to always saying yes when my mind is screaming no. Gotta say though you DID take on a ton! Deep breaths and just keep going- you can do it!

  19. It's so hard to say "no" sometimes!! It's always nice to have work though. :-) You can do it!! I'm excited to see the pictures of your home too! I'm sure it's fabulous.

  20. haha! You made my day! Done, fingers crossed! It will be ok, dont worry, kisses

  21. Ya I'm pretty sure he hates you in those photos :)

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