Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I am obsessed with's a well known fact

(if you don't follow me yet the name is amberinteriors)


I like instagram a lot. 

I like it a hundred times better than Twitter  and

 I like it a million times better than Facebook (does anyone like FB anymore?)

And I always want to print out some of the pictures I take on instagram cause they always look so cool but the quality is a bit bunk from my lame ink jet printer,

well I DIED when I stumbled on THIS amazingness

It takes all your instagram photos and makes various degrees of awesomeness..

Posters, Book, Stickers, you name it!

I went poster cray cray and ordered myself 2 because they were just way to cool not too!


take a gander

So cool right???

Go get yourself a poster or a tiny book...and follow me on instagram.


  1. That is super cool!!! I need to check it out!!

  2. Oh no! I love this so much I think I might have to go order now. I do love instagram better than almost all other social media. I am such a visual person. Thanks for the post! xo

  3. um - WHOA. thanks for the heads up - thats SO cool. i just followed you too btdubs!

  4. this is so rad and i can't believe I didn't know about this! thanks for sharing!

  5. This is awesome! Vintage Polaroid look, creative, fun. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Omg this is awesome....i've been wondering how to print those. Thanks for the tip. Xo

  7. I am so excited. Thankyou so much for sharing. I am loving you right now( dont be scared, i am always loving up something). As soon as i locate my phone I'll be following you.

  8. You should check out - They print your 4x4 Instagrams! (12 for only $6 and no shipping). Amazing quality too!

  9. you are speaking my language. I truly love instagram. Plus i can keep tabs of my 12 and 10 year old as they are constantly uploading photos. I am off to follow you, follow me too if you get a bee in your bonnet at kpdesign1

    Oh, and thanks for the info. can't wait to try it out. love the little books

  10. Thanks for the heads up Amber, just getting the hang of Instagram, awesome timing. Think you better check out the latest post at The Diversion Project (I couldn't help but blog about it). Heidi Middleton's home (of Aussie label Sass and Bide), guarantee you'll salivate.

  11. What a great find! I love Instagram too.... can't wait to check it out!

  12. thanks for sharing the obsession...just getting into Instagram....heading over to follow you!

  13. Hi Amber

    Ok...My heart just went flip flop BIG TIME!

    Instagram is my latest addiction and I just cant get enough of it at the moment...btw..I am following you lovely..and I love your pics..they are like a little story of your life.

    Oh..and I thought I would mention that I am holding an awesome giveaway at the moment that i think would be right up your alley..because I know you love blue skies and cloud shots.

    Here is the link lovely x

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