Friday, May 11, 2012

Mega Talent

So there is talent and then there is MEGA TALENT.

Yesterday the new issue of Lonny came out and featured the Queen of MEGA TALENT herself, my pal designer Mrs. Jamie Meares

Chick has just out done did herself.

Every page I kept saying things like

"oh no she didn't"


"bam bam holla"


and then at one point I raised the roof.....

In case you missed it here is a re-capppaaaa... 

I also dug seeing some more shots of Furb Deux since I live oh so far away

Good Lord people...thats a lot of Holy Shizzles!

Virtual High Fives for Jamie and Lonny for doing the mag proud!

Happy smack your Mama's Day!


  1. Gorgeous images!! I need to sit down with my computer and spend hours reading the new Lonny! Can't wait!

  2. She does color to a sophisticated and chic way! Not over the top bubble gum, my eyes need a rest way. Loved the newest issue of Lonny for sure!

  3. She definitely knows how to design a space! I love her style and all the colors and patterns she uses. So pretty!



  4. Whole-heartedly agree. Loved the entire thing!

  5. Scrolling down posts like this one makes me want to own more than just one house so that I can decorate each of them differently, aaagh. The pictures are so good I wich I can see the house myself, it must be really beautiful!!!

  6. Oh Amber. Your musings make me lol. And yes, Jamie's degigns are fierce!

    (raising the roof)

  7. i totally had the same reactions, it was a great spread.

  8. I love the colors! The way you mixed the patterns is amazing and beautiful. So glad I came across your blog. Now I have some more Design Ideas. I'm in the process of redecorating my home with the help of Simply Decorate. Even though I work for Simply Decorate, I can honestly say they have a wonderful interior design blog that is making my redecorating lots of fun. It's definitely worth taking a look at.

  9. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.