Thursday, April 26, 2012

What Kinda Swimming Costume are you?

Currently I am in no such state to even be thinking of swimsuits.

I have a lovely lard inner tube that I got for x-mas that has been chilling on my mid-section since December that won't go away...despite my greatest efforts.

And by greatest efforts I mean not working out 


eating less ice-cream than I did the day before...

Womp Womp

However, I am not one to let the size of my ass get in the way of my dreams so I gotta ask..

What Kinda Suit Are you?

Striped Bikini

Polka Dot Bikini

Missoni Zig Zag

Pretty Plain

Or are you like me and plan on wearing a cover-up the whole sunny season?

Can You say DASHIKI!

so....what say ye wee ones?


  1. Stripes fo sho... and the dashiki is fab! How did I not know about this?

  2. This is so funny because over the weekend I was walking with a friend and said how much I loved a swimsuit and if I was a swimsuit I would be this was the polka dot anthro one!

  3. just saw polka dot one in nymag!! LOVE

  4. The zig zags! Now if I can just hit the gym more regularly, I can sport any of 'em with ease!

    this is a fun post you put up!

  5. I have had one of those lovely inner tubes as well. I hit 40 and it is like shit changed overnight. I now live and die by the Abs Diet for Women. Not a diet, really, a way of changing the way you are eating without a ton of effort. End result, inner tube came off and has stayed off. And, animal print!

  6. Considering my ass has more dimples than a golf ball, I'm considering just staying inside this summer.

  7. Polka Dot Bikini Please, so Pretty!

  8. UGH! If I could get away with it, I LOVE the Missoni zig zag suit, but let's be honest...after 3 boys, a bikini ain't happening again...ever!

  9. Oh God.....bathing suits. Why can't we just all wear shorts and t shirts to the beach.....gimme a coverup please.....

  10. Ha! Thanks for the chuckle! I love the floral one-piece best. I find a little ruching always helps!

  11. I love this blog I enjoyed your collections and the way they have everything displayed.

  12. I'm a Missoni zig zag fo shizzle and I have always found the word Dashiki to be inexplicably hilarious.

    When are we gonna have a boozy party for all our LA blogger gals?

  13. I believe I would wear every single suit you posted here! Every. One. And by the by, do not let something as inconsequential as a teeny-tiny muffin top deter you from donning a spectacular swimsuit and sashaying poolside. I don't. I always figure that if my appearance offends, people are free to avert their eyes in horror and look somewhere else! Thank you for a lovely summer swimsuit post :)


  14. Honestly I would wear them all, but the zigzag would probably be my first buy.