Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lets put it to a Vote

So in the next couple months we are gonna be smashing our bathrooms out...and I couldn't be happier.

I am on the fence (of course) of what the hell I am gonna do in the guest bathroom.

So, I have decided that I would put it to a vote

 who better to ask then you peaches....?

Which bathrooms do you like best?

First up,

In the Guest/ G's bathroom I was thinking I would do something fun and kid friendly / guest appropriate.

Like maybe a...

Tub in the middle of the bathroom....and bright colored shower curtain

Or maybe a...
red claw foot tub? not super re-sale friendly...but cheery!

Maybe I totally have to have a schoolhouse sink?

I love me some bright and crazy floor tiles but I have to think about the scary "re-sale" term, so I may have to tone it down..maybe?

 I could totally pull this off..cause its safer

I could pump it up with Wallpaper....

A little pattern to peruse while you potty!

Hmm....think about it.
Talk amongst yourselves

Let me know your thoughts...

Report back to me


  1. How can you pick between such amazing ideas? First off I say the claw foot tub is a must! Love the retro sink and I would do the marble tiles on the wall with a brightly colored shower curtain and add some colored tiles to the floor as an accent. Cannot wait to see the results!

  2. I'd do crazy paper over tile. Again, just for resale, it's much easier to change out. Love the schoolhouse sink... it's a nice retro touch!

  3. Oh wow - these are awesomesauce. I think the one that's the fourth from the bottom looks like your vibe a bit. I LOVE that coral one though (with the school house sink).


  4. Wallpaper and bright shower curtain option. Definitely think resale... you'll be kicking yourself if you don't and need to sell it! Even though schoolhouse sinks are cool, I just think, where the heck am I going to set my curling iron down!?! Makes getting ready annoying. Just my thoughts :) Cool + functional.

    1. i totally agree. i think counter space and/or under-sink storage is super valuable especially when it comes to selling your home.

      i LOVE photo #1 and i also think you'd pick the coolest fun wallpaper!

  5. I say classic tiles with fun wallpaper!

    I just did the black hex tiles with white border for our kids' bath and I love it!


  6. I want a wallpapered bathroom so bad! Do it so I can live vicariously through you :)

  7. I am dying to use that Kohler sink in a bathroom for far no clients that are willing to fork over the high price tag for it (insert sad face). If it is for resale stick to black and white, have fun with the tiles, between hex, octagons, penny dots, you can do so much with the floor layout, then add in the bright fun items like the shower curtain in the image above an a crazy wall color. :)

  8. Okay... if you don't use a schoolhouse sink I might cry --- WHAT AN AMAZING IDEA! Then if you have more than one guest -- it's like having 2+ sink in one!! I'm obsessed with claw foot bath tubs as well... you could have the best of both worlds and combine some of these ideas like say the schoolhouse sink with fun wallpaper or the claw foot bathtub with a gorgeous tile floor??? Good luck!

  9. Wallpaper! There are so many fun designs lately...I'm just dying to need to use it. Also, I love the bathtub in the middle with a great curtain...then you can play it safe with tile and resale would be good but you would pack a punch with wallpaper and curtain!

  10. love the schoolhouse sink but lets face it, no storage. soon your little G will be bigger G with LOADS of girly type stuff (hairbands, bows, barrettes, makeup). the list can go on.
    i say awesome, rockin shower curtain. easy to take up and easy to take down when you go to re sell your house.

  11. Picture #1 - no contest! Bright and cheery for guests of ALL ages!

  12. Picture #2 is amazing! I love the colorful claw foot tub and fun wallpaper- forget resale... unless you love beige, beige, beige. ;)

    I just wallpapered my powder room with a fun pattern and it makes me happy every time I see it.

  13. I love the idea of a bold patterned wallpaper to bring some colour and impact into a bathroom. And the best part is that it can be (relatively) easily removed if future owners aren't fond of it.

  14. The very first one is stunning with the stand alone tub & shower combo

  15. Ooooh I love the schoolhouse sink idea.

  16. I love a claw foot bath and patterned floor keep walls neutral add exciting accessories...VOILA! x
    p.s save the wallpaper for a bedroom or lounge room

  17. Love the schoolhouse sink options, and it could work really well with a patterned tile floor.
    Not normally a fan of wallpaper in a bathroom as the damp can make it peel a bit...but I guess it depends how much use the bathroom gets.

  18. I love pic #1. All white bathrooms are so classic, never go out of style, great for resale, always feel clean, great for changing colors as your mood changes with shower curtain, towels, art, rug. I like the idea of a school house sink, but will your family grow out of it as the kids grow? It reminds me of the mudroom built in coat lockers everyone's so crazy about today--great idea for short term, but what about when they're teens?

  19. (chanting) CLAW FOOT TUB! CLAW FOOT TUB! CLAW FOOT TUB! You want it, I know you do! G would love taking bubble baths in it as well! It will look like something straight out of a childrens book. I know this :)

  20. I love the two pics of tubs at the centre of the wall with a long shower curtain going all the way round - busy re-doing my bathroom right now and that's definitely an idea I may have to steal :) Not too sure about the schoolhouse sinks though - they look great, but I wouldn't want to clean it!

  21. Love the school sink and free standing bath idea, probably the same exterior colour. Wall paper and curtains can always be changed over night to present a more toned down image for a re-sale.. baths and sinks are a bit harder to change!

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  24. I would say you can't go past a fully tiled bathroom, particularly the floor as it helps protect any floorboards against water damage, and it retains a beautiful look that is easy to maintain.

  25. I would go for white for the units, the toilet, and bath, etc., and then bright funky wallpaper for above the bath or covering one wall only. You haven’t mentioned storage or posted any images to show any kind of units- and this is always necessary for bathrooms otherwise the look you want to achieve will be compromised.