Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What kinda (BLANK) are you?

Remember when I said that I was praying that my little G would be the best little girl ever and obey my wishes for her to leave her raging tantrums at home.


Remember when I said I hoped that the dreaded jet lag would skip her sweet self and that she would fall right back into a dream sleep/awake ratio??


 none of that happened.

She screamed and fidgeted and cried and flipped out the whole damn plane ride. The last 2 hours she finally fell asleep. And let me tell you, I have never wanted to cry so hard in my life!!!!!!

Tired doesn't begin to express how I am feeling. I am praying that my solo mommy and G (Sans Duck) journey on the way home will be less painful.

The whole experience has me craving a little mental escape

I have cocktails on the brain...

today's WKBAY


are you a fuity lady cosmo cocktail? 

Are you a minty mojito?
Are you a skinny girl margarita with an extra shot of patron? 
 Are you a very dirty vodka martini with extra blue cheese olives?
 are you a lay by the pool pina colada princess?

If I am honest, right now I would drink all of these drinks one after the other.

Normally I favor myself a Dirty Martini with extra blue cheese olives!

and on school nights I drink skinny girl margs with extra patron!


  1. Mojito girl all the way, though truth be told I'm really a wino at heart:) So sorry about the trip...I've been there and believe you me, I understand the emotional nightmare that is a screaming child on a airplane...sending MANY positive/no tantrum wishes for you and the trip home. xo

  2. I don't drink but I love a good virgin pina colada! Yum! Sorry about the flight. That can be so rough. Good luck on the way home, wish I had some wisdom to share with you to make it easier :)

  3. Ha! I totally agree with Christine... I am a Mojito girl all the way, but truth be told popping a cork is a hell of a lot easier most days than muddling limes and mint.
    It is only 10am here and I want to start drinking... not good!
    Hope your trip gets better!

  4. All us moms feel your pain! That is a torturous trip! Cheers and and if it's that kind of day I'm going straight to bourbon! Never thought I'd be bourbon girl but my hubby turned me, but I've never been known to turn down a pretty pink martini!

  5. minty mojito! We are getting into summer, after all :)

  6. I m so sorry about the plane ride. I hope the return trip goes more smoothly!
    I'd take them all, Im not picky. But skinny girl margarita and cosmos top the list!
    Go ahead, indulge!

  7. I'm a margarita girl any day of the week.
    Dirty martini lover if it's chilly out or if I need something strong (like it sounds you do)
    Pina Colodas only in the middle of the day on a beach
    And Mojitos if it's summertime and I find myself in Manhattan.

  8. I am all about my mojitos… I even have 3 different kinds of mint in my herb garden. Love 'em!

  9. crossing my fingers the return trip goes okay :)

    i just found out i'm allergic to alcohol - HUGE BUMMER - but in my heyday i was allllll about the mojitos. although a blue cheese olive sounds delicious right now! i can still eat those! :)

  10. Skinny girl margarita all the way! So sorry about the flight u def deserve all of the above drinks!!

  11. Dirty Martini with extra cheese-stuffed olives AND bloody marys.

  12. Oh these cocktails look delicious!! I am such a wine and champagne girl...a bit of bubbly is exotic enough for me :) hahaha I will have to expand my horizons for your options, they look great! I hope you are having a wonderful week and Happy Wednesday!! Be sure to stop by my blog and take a peak at the redesign.
    Twirling Clare

  13. Dirty Martinisssss, or a Bloody Mary, or better Old Fashioned! Good luck with the rest of your trip, I hope you enjoy! If not, drink up, tune in, turn on, and drop out. x

  14. I dig a mojito. Only actually consumed one maybe twice in my life though. But of those choices that's what I'd go with. A glass of pinot noir or the occasional beer is usually my poison. :)

  15. From the list you provided I'd be a dirty, dirty martini, in reality I love me a Woo Woo! I drink them with roast dinners, on their own and occasionally Fish finger sandwiches, any time, any for the journey from hell..I feel your pain. When she was 19mths I decided to take my daughter to Fiji, a 46ish hr journey, home to hotel. Dear. Lord. Above...never again!! Tears, tantrums and a lot of rocking and that was just me! I sincerely hope the journey home is a much better and peaceful one and you enjoy your stay here in good ol' blighty! x

  16. Mojito please...then I'll take a dirty blue cheese olive martini, followed by a pina collada! it's gonna get ugly.

  17. On an everyday kinda day, I would choose the margarita. Vacation? Give me the pina colada!
    I'm praying the flight home goes better for you.

  18. I am really liking the look of the cosmos and the margarita! I hope your return flight goes much better. Maybe there are some good online articles with tips on flying with children?

  19. Just did a 5 hour plane ride to California (from Atlanta) with my 5 year old and 2 year old. It was HELL on the way there with the 2 year old. On the ride home I gave her Benadryl (pediatrician said it was ok) and that made it much more tolerable. I am not one for drugging my children but something had to be done on the way back! I hope the ride home is better. We also took laptop with movies, an ipad with games, crayons, and lots of snacks! Best of luck!