Thursday, March 8, 2012

Meet the Brains of the Operation!

So a while back I got an email from a gal looking to change up her career path and start focusing on her passion for interior design.

Now normally I would not have taken a chance, but something about this gal struck me and I was intrigued

She came over one day a few months back to meet me and have a little interview and I was impressed to say the least

She was willing to intern and learn everything from the ground up.

She quickly showed me that she is extremely talented

She is the hardest worker and fastest learner

She has amazing taste

She is a real firecracker and can win over even the most difficult of vendors with a little smile

She knew nothing about CAD and knew I needed a CAD person, so she decided to just go learn it.

A couple floor plans later and she can CAD it up like a frickin' PRO

She is CRAZY CUTE....and moonlights as a stylist, and professional organizer....yep 

BOTH things I suck at, both things she does NOT suck at!

The Yin to my Yang

In an effort to constantly embarrass her and love her at the same time, I would like you to officially meet


I know right, 


As I prep for the Shoppe launch which will be happening officially 


I wanted to thank you for being patient 

Katie will be chiming in here while I am gone for a little guest blogging.

I invited some other pretty cool guest bloggers here to fill in a bit as well

 so show them some Super LOVER LOVING

also this is really getting me through

truer words have never been spoken


  1. I love that you gave Katie a chance and it is working out so well. She is cute as a button. xo

  2. She is adorable! And makes me want to get my hair cut... Looking forward to her guest posts :)

  3. Oh wow, katie is so cute! Can't wait, good luck!

  4. How much fun! I'm excited to here from her. I want one someday :)

  5. If you had not told us her name, I would immediately have known it was Katie. Right?? Looking forward to Shoppe-ing. Huge poofs of luck to you.

  6. How inspiring! I should do that - email someone out of the blue and ask if they would take me on. Go, Katie!!!

  7. She sounds lovely and is adorable! Sounds like a special lady. Glad you found someone to be the yin to your yang! ;)



  8. She had me at professional organizer...
    And seriously, can she GET any cuter?!? Can't wait to see what's in the shoppe!

  9. Lucky girl...both of you! Cannot wait for the Shoppe!

  10. She is ridiculously cute! I can't wait for the shoppe!!!!

  11. She is super cute! Wish I could have that job (though mine is pretty good too)!

    Can't wait to see the shop...

  12. This is so nice! You are so lucky to have such a talented individual!

  13. Nice, Shout out to your cute little assistant!! She's adorable! More of us should take note of that, Amberooni!
    ANd...I might need to make a purchase or two in your new shop! Can't wait!!!
    XO - ALl the love in the world!

  14. Yaayy!! I'm so happy for you Katie. Congrats

  15. I love your quote... and I'm stealing it!