Friday, March 30, 2012

Babe Behind the Blog: Tobe from Because It's Awsome

name // tobe

how would you define your interior design style?

balanced. i am drawn to almost all styles, colorways, eras and design philosophies. a little bit feminine, a little bit masculine. spaces rich with pieces that have stories to tell. glamorous, rustic and antiquated all at once. i've always been this way. it freaks a lot of people out, but my inspiration seems to come together just fine in the end. (at least, i hope so anyway!)

what 3 things can you not live without?

wine, red wine, dry red wine

what are 3 things people don't know about you?

i'm quazi gangster,
i was a certified band geek in middle school (first chair clarinet 3 years solid),
i have to read maps upside down

your most treasured possession?

 my amy kligman original painting

dirty little secret

our office has looked like this since the day we moved in last december.

your fave room in your home

whichever room these sweet babes are in

i wanna be a blank when i grow up

happy with a healthy family, a beautiful home, and a job i love.
preferably as an urban B&B owner in the heart of Kansas City's arts district, if i'm being specific

thanks for having me, Amber!! ox

No, Thank YOU Tobe.....Because YOU'RE Awesome!

Go HERE  to peep her scene!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Babe Behind the Blog: Bailey from Peppermint Bliss


When I grow up I want to move next door to Bailey so we could be best friends.

She's fancy AND funny, all rolled into one really adorbs package.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Babe Behind the Blog: Chassity of Look Linger Love

My Interior Style:
My dining room is very much my style... tufting, crystal, glass doors, greys and whites...

3 Things I Can't Live Without:
Iphone, lipstick, and chocolate...

3 Things People Don't Know About Me:

Gum & soft drinks gross me out.

I love wearing big granny style undies. They're just more comfortable.

I have the whole Sweet Valley High book collection.

Most Treasured Possession:

Not really a possession, but my family is the bomb diggity.

Dirty Little Secret:

When I disappear in the house it's because I'm playing dress up in my closet...

Favorite Room In My Home:

This changes regularly, but currently it's outside, our pool area...

I Wanna Be A "Blank" When I Grow Up:

A badass grand-mama (who still blogs)...


Thanks for having me, love bunny!! xoxo, Chassity

I have a maj Girl Crush on Chassity..go see why

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Babe Behind the Blog: Danika at Gorgeous Shiny Things

LOOOOve me some Danika!

Go visit her HERE if you have not already, and don't forget to make a habit of it!


My pal Paloma is giving you all a chance to win a pillow from the Shoppe.

Head on over to her blog HERE and enter to Winnnnn

It's free to play....and in this day and age free is good

Monday, March 26, 2012

Babe Behind the Blog: Camilla of Effortless Style

"The Babe Behind the Blog"

Camila from Effortless-Style.


Traditional with a twist. I love injecting a room with colors and playful mix of pattern plus a little lucite never hurt anyone.

1. My hubby Jon. We have been together for 12 years and we are both 30. Crazy! The latest addition to our family. My little guy, Hudson.

2. I managed to squeeze 2 items into my other picture. I love an obsession with elephants (the bring good luck) and the color orange.

3. My iphone. I do everything with it. Respond to emails, take product pictures for clients, jot down my to-do lists, use it as my GPS when heading out to client meetings, and on occasion actually use it to make calls. :)


1. I have painted some of the pieces in our etsy shop;
2. I'm addicted to TV shows on ABC family. Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game, Switched by Birth, Jane by Design. I watch them all!

{ Get addicted with me. Watch full episodes here.}

3. The nose I have now is not the nose I was born with!


When I was at market I fell in love with the chair in the image above. I wanted it, needed it, lusted for it badly. Of course it was crazy expensive even with my to the trade pricing. After market a random craigslist search lead me to my dream chair that was on sale for only $199 in a town near by. I quickly grabbed Jon and picked it up and now it resides it my home office.


While I wish my office looked like the image above everyday the sad fact is that it typically looks like this:

Yes, there is an elephant under my desk. What? You don't have one there?


Has to be my living room. It's full of color and just makes me happy every time I enter it. We spend weekends relaxing here by the fire and now a days it's my favorite spot to feed Hudson during the day.


A couple of years ago I quit my job (I use to work in retail buying) to live out my dream and work in interior design. Ideal goal though would be a home decor shop and for my husband to quit his job so that we could work together.

Thanks Camilla!

Make sure to go visit Effortless Style HERE

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Shoppe Day

You should go shopping today..

shipping is on me 


just press this button

Friday, March 23, 2012

My Loss Your Gain

So sometimes designers make booboo's

It happens to the best of us and recently I made one.....

I am guilty of underestimating the size of some dining chairs that I ordered and now after waiting 14 long weeks for them to arrive......I can't use them and now must painfully pawn them off to one of you

But that's only if your interested in getting the deal of the century!

Again with the whole, my loss your gain stuff


Item #1 up for grabs

I waited 14 weeks and paid $595 each chair, not including tax and shipping which brought the total per chair to somewhere around $685 each

Ready for this......

if you want them....

I will sell all 6 of them..... 

for the bargain basement price of...

$500 per chair!

That's a HUGE savings

 So HUGE, that I am sure I will punch myself in the teeth repeatedly later for this

If that's not enough....

I also have 2 of these chairs

Paid $399 each and waited 10 weeks. Paid $125 buck for delivery and tax..

You can steal them from me for $300 each OBO.

That's crazy good...also makes me want to bang my head on the wall

And the for the final kicker

Which was actually not a mistake, but a clients mind change that will again have you scoring big time if you pick this puppy up...

This puppy is GORGEOUS and I only wish I could use it in another clients house....

It Retails for $2850

I will let it go for 2,200 OBO.....

I better get at least a million emails to buy this stuff because

unless you find it on the side of the street somewhere, you'll never find better prices on any of these goods!

Here is what I would do if I were you and wanted to buy all this gorgeousness...

I would re-create this Windsor Smith Room for 1/3 rd of the price.


Please contact me if your interested in purchasing any of these items...
Make sure to give me your zip code so I can calculate shipping costs!

BT DUbbs

I am still in the UK....Hope you have liked the new series "Babe Behind the Blog"!!!!

Isn't it so fun getting to know bloggers ?

Have a lovely weekend and please don't forget to go shop the SHOPPE cause there is new pretties!