Tuesday, February 28, 2012

treat it??

I love me a window sink

When we were re-modeling our house I knew I had to have a nice bright sink area so I opted to not add a window treatment and keep it clean and fabric free.

Here is my Current Kitchen Sink Window


As time goes on I think maybe its time to add a little something something in the way of window treatments

I have found some inspiration photos currently getting me in the mood to change up the sink area a bit

Option 1
I could go with a sweet little fabric roman

Option 2
I could go with a little valance & woven double action

Option 3
I could go with a cafe curtain with small drape rod

I think out of the options I like the cute little roman (Option 1) best...

Now the only choice to make


or Wovens?


If you know me, I am sure you already know which is my pick!! 
Can you lovers guess?


  1. Kinda lovin' the Peter Dunham Fig! It complements the scenery behind it :)

  2. HANDS DOWN FIG!!!!!!! I'm dying to use that fabric somewhere and it looks perfect in your kitchen!

  3. Hi! Love your marble tiles. I vote for a "sweet little roman" in the FIG fabric!
    Good Luck, it is going to look fabulous!

  4. peter dunham! this is my all time most favorite fabric in the whole universe.

  5. Fig! I'm about to add some Fig to my laundry nook. Such a gorg option! It will look so fresh with your marble subway tile.

    I'm experiencing an extreme love affair with all thing Mr. Dunham right now. Check out my latest rant here:

    And a room inspired by him here:

    Sorry to bombard you but my love runs deep!

    Live Inspired,

  6. I'm drawn to the simplicity of the woven, personally. I think it helps the sconce stand out.
    Fig is a great pattern though.

    Love your little mock-ups!

  7. The fig is fab!!! But I kind of like the rattan too....maybe option 2 with the fabric and rattan together? You can't really go wrong either way though :)

  8. Wow. Outnumbered. I am loving the woven for you!! But the fig IS fabulous, no question.

  9. while everyone is saying fig... i think the woven shade adds a great texture & dimension & makes your other greens stand out. any way, i LOVE your kitchen sink!


  10. Option 1 for sure. It's the least fussy I think. I would go for the fig because I am a color and pattern freak!

  11. I love the woven option for you! And I love your kitchen!!

  12. I think..... the woven is hands down the winner. texture!

  13. The fig looks great, but I like the idea of fabric with the woven. I'm planning to put up a roman shade in our new kitchen soon. Found a cool remnant, but don't know who made it!

    Also, where did you get that light fixture? It's awesome!

  14. the woven shade looks good but the fig looks fabulous. i love how it blends in with the greenery just outside your window!

  15. Because I'm having a really hard time choosing, I'd vote for fig valence + woven roman double action... But I have a feeling you'll go Fig roman :)

  16. obviously the fig. It's your fave--you must have a little somewhere, right? Why not where you see it every day?

  17. I'm leaning more towards the rataan roman shade because it adds natural element to the kitchen, on the other hand the fabric you chose is so fresh and so clean clean....

  18. Girl, you've already got the wovens hung. Or you've layered the wovens with the fabric...bc you are the layering queen, and texture is your middle name. Amber Texture...so southern. :)

    question: I have a kitchen window too, and have thought of adding a little something-something...but it's got about a 12" sill/ledge. So does the fabric hang flush to the window, or on the wall framing the box? This makes no sense, does it?! #blonde

  19. I like the simple roman shade in a fun pattern. BTW...love your blog and style. And quick question...I'm redoing my kitchen and was wondering what kind of countertop do you have? It doesn't look like stone, but maybe it is. Just wondering! Thanks!

  20. woven roman. def.
    the fig is great...but seems a little too sweet for you over the sink. maybe in full on panels on a larger window it'd be cooler.

  21. Tough call, they both look great, but my Initial reaction is FIG!

  22. i love the woven one. where did you get your colorful planters???????

  23. I would have normally said rattan but today it has to be THAT fabric!

  24. woven roman for sure. i cant wait to see if im right!

  25. Love the Fig print!!

    Peaches and Candy

  26. hi i think leave it and use nature as your screen or go with a helioscreen blind in white open weave so you have coverage but still see the nature thru a weave!x

  27. if you like the fig so much why not get one of those fig plants that are all the go in home interior schemes at the moment...lol

  28. Since I have the woven at my window.....and I'm bored with it (after 15 years) I'm voting fig.....living through you......

  29. Very pretty! Love the Roman best too..... and the fabric.

  30. Love both the rattan and fabric. You hve supreme taste, so whatever you choose will look gorgeous. Speaking of, i am loving the pot for the plant. It is fab!!!!

  31. I thought you'd go with option 1 and I feel like you'll go with the woven although the fig fabric would look awesome as well - I'm feeling the woven.

  32. The Fig fabric is awesome! Love your kitchen!

  33. Fig fabric! LOVE! I need some of that in my home, too:)

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  36. LOVE the back splash on the first photo of this page. can you please tell me where you got it?? Thank you!