Tuesday, February 28, 2012

treat it??

I love me a window sink

When we were re-modeling our house I knew I had to have a nice bright sink area so I opted to not add a window treatment and keep it clean and fabric free.

Here is my Current Kitchen Sink Window


As time goes on I think maybe its time to add a little something something in the way of window treatments

I have found some inspiration photos currently getting me in the mood to change up the sink area a bit

Option 1
I could go with a sweet little fabric roman

Option 2
I could go with a little valance & woven double action

Option 3
I could go with a cafe curtain with small drape rod

I think out of the options I like the cute little roman (Option 1) best...

Now the only choice to make


or Wovens?


If you know me, I am sure you already know which is my pick!! 
Can you lovers guess?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Winner Winner chicken Dinner: Tilly Maison

Who is the lucky winner?????


You are the lucky winner of the fab Tilly Maison tray!!!

Email me to claim you prize!

What kinda (BLANK) are you?

Time for another episode of 

What Kind of (BLANK) are you?

This week I ask you lovers

What Kind of 80's movie are you?












OK, I know...I know

How on EARTH can you possibly decide between such cinematic masterpieces as CaddyShack or Splash??

I know it's seems impossible, but you must try!

My picks,

I am a tie between Beetlejuice and Camp Troop Beverly Hills

please, by all means......talk amongst yourselves

Friday, February 24, 2012

Cactus Porn

If I didn't have the most adorably curious 2 year old, my house would be littered with Cactus!

I love these thorny little bastards because they bring a little texture to the party,

and they are virtually kill proof...which for a serial plant murderer is good news!

what do you think?

Killer Good or Killer Bad

Thanks so much for all the Project Awesome love yesterday. 

I am glad you all like what you see so far.

Trust me when I say its gonna be GOOD...

real, real GOOD

Thursday, February 23, 2012

project awesome

Yesterday I was doing another installment at client awesome's pad!

It's not quite there yet, but it is coming along lovely. 

Here are a couple of sneaky views of whats happening down at the beach.

I would show you the whole shebang.....but,  

I am holding out for some fancy pants magazine to swoop on in and call first dibs on this project.


House Beautiful, Elle Decor.....you listening?

Have your people call my people and we will do lunch.

If you need me I will be waiting patiently by the phone.....

There is still some key elements missing from the house...

None of the final artwork is in place yet...just some fillers.

Not all the fancy rugs are in


New drapes are down the road...

Awesome money don't grow on trees and shit!

Stay Tuned for those changes

In personal news, the Duck was off to Australia last night and I am so sad :(

I am in no way prepared to be Solo Momma for the next two weeks.

Actually to be honest, this two weeks is not what I am freaking out about...

you see, the Duck and I are going to the UK in March for 3 weeks when he gets back from OZ which will be fun and awesome to see the fam.


After our little rendezvous with the Ducks fan in Britain is up, I am flying back home to L.A. SOLO with G (she is 2) to be home alone again for 7 weeks while the Duck stays on tour in Europe!


What the FUCK am I going to do for 7 weeks by myself with G and no Duck to cook for us and do manly things like build a raised garden box for spring vegetables OR fix up the bathrooms??

7 weeks is a long ass time.

there will be tears and emotional rants..for sure

Hopefully I can count on you lovers for some moral support.....
or some xanax in the mail

Hey, I have a new client meeting tonight...

what am I,


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Givety Give GIVEAWAY

Who loves a GIVEAWAY?????

I DO, I DO!!!!!!!

I am sure you lovers do too so lets get straight to it...shall we

My super awesome new sponsor Tilly Maison has graciously offered up one of her fantastic Lucite trays for your taking!

No SERIOUSLY guys...Look at how freaking cute this is

I mean......adorbs, right?

You would really be doing yourself a disservice by NOT entering to win this cutie tray!

Wanna know how to win?

here's how


1) Go give Tilly Maison a "like" on Facebook HERE

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 You have got to see what else is on Tilly Maison's Etsy shop...

Look at how awesome: 

Head on over to Tilly Maison HERE on Etsy and "favorite" her shop

Oh and Also I LOVED my "What Kinda Chicken Coop Are You" post yesterday!

I clicked on every ones profiles and mentally introduced myself to you

It's nice to put a face to a coop

It will be the new Monday thing....what do you think?

Monday, February 20, 2012

What kinda (BLANK) are you?

Blogs are a funny thing.

Everyday I blab about things I am doing, or what I am liking, or what I am wearing or working on and so on and so forth..

.blah blah blah.

Well, last night when I was trying to get my shit together enough to post something for you lovers today, I thought to myself 

"I don't know enough about you lovers!!!"


I want to know about you guys and what kinda peeps you are. 

I wanna know about you ALL

How about I start a little series called

"What kinda (BLANK) are you?"

It will be a fun excersise, so I suggest y'all participate. 

So this week I ask you, 

 What Kinda CHICKEN COOP are you?

If you had to choose a coop that best embodies the kinda style, and chicken you are.

Which coop would you choose and why?










Can you guess what coop I am?

I am totally a combo COOP 5 and COOP 6

So a bit of whimsy and a bit of modern...sweet


I am crazy and sleep deprived!

That is the only explanation I have for this post