Thursday, January 26, 2012

Red Round Up

I am over at Mimi + Meg giving a run down of some V-Day stuff I want to have and give....

go say hi!

Here is some more red related goods that are on my short list...



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Thanks for the sweet words for G...she is 100 times better and now we are back on the potty training train..

We are doing the no diaper, underwear on, every 10-15 minutes plonking her on the toilet method...

so far she is doing great but I always appreciate a bit of mommy advice from you lovers

How did you PTrain your babes?


  1. love the red zebra scarf!


  2. I can't believe it's time for V-day already! Just give me the day to myself w/o kids, dishes or laundry and I'm a happy girl.

    Putting on undies worked the best for both of mine (girl and boy). Pullups are too much like diapers - they never feel if they're wet. As soon as we switched to the undie/frequent potty combo then they had it down in about a week. They both liked picking out their own undies as a reward.

  3. That bowl and zebra scarf - so epic! Hope Ducky gets you something super special for V-day! Glad G is feeling better :)

  4. I have that scarf!!! <3!!! Wear it almost everyday...;)

  5. you are doing the PT the right way. just going with underwear and reminding them to use the toilet! my first one took right to it. one accident of both types and she learned. the second child, REFUSED to poop in a toilet. She would scream for me to put the diaper on so she could do her business--how weird is that?
    good luck. remember praise only :)

  6. LOVED your picks!! glad your little one is doing better! ox

  7. Such fun, I love valentines day with all the pinks and reds.

  8. My son LOVED those crazy spider man and super hero underpants. Great jolts of red.

  9. We put her in undies and would say, "let us know if you need to go to the potty" rather than putting her on the potty. Kids are rebellious so we made her feel like she was in charge. It takes a few accidents. I think what ultimately convinced my daughter is one of her friends started using the potty so she wanted to as well.
    Every child is different. We waited until she was ready to save ourselves the headaches. Diapers can be convenient. ;-)

  10. I actually bought that bowl last year as Christmas gifts- people really liked them!

  11. PT is hard but everyone is different. I only gave mine little reminders but I swear by Hanna Anderson unders cause they're thick enough in case of an accident and she feels it if she even gets slightly wet. Promise!

  12. Hi Amber,
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