Monday, January 30, 2012

Pattern mixing

Mixing patterns can be tricky

For a room to not look obnoxious, or like a rainbow barfed all over it,

 there needs to be the perfect balance....

Of what you ask???

Of goodness wrapped in pretty, I say..

but of course...

ikat plus geometric wallpaper plus vintage textiles = goodness

flowers and paisleys and polkas...Oh My

Suzanis and stripes..

Kilims and such..

Zig zags and blooms

and a zebra for good measure

Meares can mix a pattern better than the best...

coral, ikat, gold abstract....chevron...Perfection


Have a lovely Monday lovers...I will be meeting with the TAX MAN today.
apparently I have to pay them

Hope they take sea shells?


  1. Amber - Love the mixing of patterns. All of these rooms are so beautiful!!


  2. Love the idea of mixing patterns! That pink and orange chevron rug is amazeballs!

  3. I need that metallic paper in my house with something pink in front of it...dare say I might have to just copy Meares on that one- ADORE! Good luck with tax man my friend:)

  4. Love this post - so many great ideas - tell the tax man genius is priceless :)

  5. Patterns make the world go 'round! Lovely examples!!!! very diverse..
    Hope your seashells turn to gold !

  6. I visited Furbish while I was at home in Raleigh over the holidays and her store always looks AMAZING. Gotta love Jamie's style.


  7. I think there is definitely a great starting point to mixing patterns "correctly" (paying attention to scale of pattern and keeping a commonality among them with color), but honestly, there just can't be a rule. Sometimes abunch of randomness = awesome. Wonderful examples!

  8. There's a looooot of goodness going on up in this biatch. I'm all about mixing patterns. I only wish I was better at it (or more adventurous to start with!).

  9. I really love mixing can be a challenge sometimes, but when you get it right, the outcome is fab!

  10. I was just wanting to mix some polka into my ikat and leopard print goodness but I wasn't sure if it would be design ADD. If you says it works then it works. Woohoo!
    And thanks for sharing those new images of Furbish! Gorgeous!!

  11. Great post! Mixing diverse fabrics well is my favorite element in a room. I believe that Jamie Meares and Anna Spiro (of Absolutely Beautiful Things) do this better than anyone else.

  12. The polkas, paisleys, and florals have me. I'm still practicing with this and figuring out scale so these images are helpful.

  13. YOU and Jamie partner patterns like no one else! divine pics!

    and I'm just as smitten with green too. I got so desperate to paint something with the kelly goodness, i whipped up a step stool for my little one.

  14. uhg! Seeing patterns all making out like that is like interior porn for me. Even my husband looked over my shoulder and he was like, whoa there, don't get too turned on by those pillows...Your pics are GREAT! I always wanted a neutral soffa with patterned seat cousions, yum.

  15. Hello Amber, Love the idea of mixing patterns! All of these rooms are so so so beautiful!! Love this post - so many great ideas .. Best wishes Local Boulder Real Estate Agent

  16. Pattern mixing...not everyone can do looks so good when done well! :)))

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