Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yet another Kids Rooms post

I think I have designers block,


Strike that

I HAVE designers block

I am fresh outta ideas for what I want to do for G's room

I keep flipping back and forth from a more modern clean and white light bright vibe

to an 

over the top window treatment, wallpaper, big canopy bed on funky rugs with tapestries on the walls vibe....


So here is some of my images that I am liking for inspiration..

Funky Options:


Clean and Crisp options;

Which group is your favorite??

help me out!


  1. you somehow have to marry the two.

    i like the yellow floral wallpaper room. it's sparse enough to give you the modern clean vibe but the wallpaper takes it in the other direction too.

  2. Both are great, but the first option feels more "you". And the over the top rooms seem magical, perfect for a little one and something I don't get from the crisp/clean rooms. Either way you've got one lucky little girl who will end up with an amazing room!

  3. Wow - all these images are so YOU. I think the common denominator here is pink and orange. Do bright white walls with pink or orange headboard, so crazy turkish rug with pink and orange and an awesome pagodish bookcase (like in that pic of inspiration - def. my favorite) for a global kiddo vibe. Almost like those pics everyone had up for a while of that apartment with the pink overdyed rugs with that peacock wisteria mirror?

    Love everything you pick out so you'll do great.

    OH - PS - why dont you do wood planks or wood plank wallpaper on the ceiling to warm up the bright white walls? WHAT WHAT


  4. Funky for sure!! It is more your style and HELLO--kids don't want "Clean and crisp!"
    Excited to see what you come up with:)

  5. No kids yet, but I still love all the color in these shots! Kids rooms have come a long way from their theme-y roots!

  6. I absolutely love that Palmer Weiss room, but for a kids room I say go funky and fun! These are all such great photos that I think would spur any kid's imagination! You are certainly making me want to redo my daughter's room now (which is more like the second option and I'm bored of it!) http://smallshopstudio.com/2011/02/15/a-pink-yellow-safari/ Thank you for the inspiration (although I say that somewhat sarcastically - ha ha)

  7. Crisp and Clean ends up funky with all kids stuff anyway. Might as well go with what you like! Great choices.

  8. I'm lovin' the funkier images! They seem more suitable for a child and more forgiving with their tacky toys mixed in. The clean and crisp ones, while beautiful, seem boring for a kid. And anything not part of the design (toys!) would stick out like a sore thumb.

    Good luck and I can't wait to see what you come up with!


  9. funky, funky, funky...you could start with the crisp and clean and then add in some funky until your happy. Can't wait to see what you do!!

  10. I love both the funky & crisp inspiration for your little one's room (something I struggle with in my own home), but what if you started with crisp and gave her options to layer in color and personality? Then as she grows you can add or subtract according to her taste.

    Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  11. funky! but i also love jenny's pick of the yellow floral room(which i also think veers onto the funk side). so, do what jenny says! marry them :)

  12. the funky option all the way. the clean and bright options were obviously beautiful, especially the one with the hot pink ceiling!... but the others are so way more fun!

  13. I say funky but not too funky that it looks psychotic with all of her toys... so basically I also agree with Jenny. Marry the two.

  14. You could definately mix your favorite elements from both genres, but you just have to decide if you want the room to feel more minimalistic, or over-the-top. It is a little girl's room, so it should def be fun and have some whimsy to it! Can't wait to see how it turns out. Have fun with it!

  15. People have their whole lives to make a room buttoned up and clean and crisp. I say let them be funky and have a crazy fun room when they're kids!!

  16. I, personally, like me a little (or a lot) of white. But for my little girl's room I"m giving it lots of colour everywhere (wall mural, floor, closet, curtains/blinds, bed linens). So I agree with everyone, find a way to marry the two :)

  17. Why don't you show her some of the pictures you like and see what she likes? I know she's little, but that's a way to assure that she'll also like what you're planning to do with it.

    And to be honest, I'm not really a big fan of any of these rooms. ^^;

  18. there are two in the second group that feel like they sort of marry your two directions--the room with the orange headboards on pink walls and the one right before it. I love the idea of really going for it with window treatments and details that she may not go in for when she's an opinionated tween, you know?

  19. group 1
    yellow canopy!

  20. I agree with the yellow floral wallpaper room comments! That one really made me stop and stare! And while the funky feels more you and also more appropriate for a kids room somehow, I can't help but feel a bit of the sparse might be nice so that when she's making a mess, it doesn't look as much like a tornado hit.

    Wanna help me with a little dilemma I'm having involving dinnerware over on my blog? It's an emergency ;).

  21. For kids I love the funky look. It's so unique and youthful. I have trouble committing to bright colors in my own bedroom, so I love to use it elsewhere! Best of luck with your design block.

  22. Fabulous! Especially liked the one with the yellow drapes.

    Being a mom to 2 girls,you really got me inspired to do up their room with more style!

  23. Love the 3rd & 4th pictures. Especially the 4th!

  24. Rooms with wallpaper are our favorites.

  25. I think each photo in the funky section has a bit of crisp and each photo in the crisp section has a bit of funky! You can definitely achieve 2 in 1 here. It’s all about balance!

  26. I'm all about the funk, but the clean look can certainly end up funky. Kids rooms are so much fun and really allow the imagination and color scheme to wander.

  27. Clean and crisp is more my taste, but I do love the funky patterns and colors in the first set of pictures-more your style! I love the idea of adding a pop of orange or red on the ceiling of an all white room though! I did that in our dining room 7 years ago now and I still love it!!!!!!

  28. Clean and crisp looks like waaaaay too much work to keep it that way. It's all so... clean and... crisp...

    The first batch of pics are awesome! In fact, I added some to my inspiration folders :)

  29. The funky options for sure, they will have time later for clean and crisp...I say enjoy the funkiness!!

  30. I liked more of the funky inspiration than the others. While I like cleaner looks too, I think children's rooms are such an excellent opportunity to go a little crazy. :)

  31. I love it all...but after creating a space for my daughter that's jam-packed with design...I wish I'd gone more simple. Reason? Because she hoards papers, and drawings and dolls and horse heads and all kinds of random stuff...and all that stuff, mixed with all the stuff I put in there....too much!!

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