Tuesday, December 13, 2011

TOP 5's with Chassity & Jessie

Lovers and Gentlemen

WELCOME TO THE.............

Have you ever wondered what some of your ultimate favorite bloggers ultimate favorite favorites are????

What rooms top their lists???

Well I have....

So I decided to bombard some of my blogging BFF's and beg them to divulge their top 5's with you lovers!

Over the next few days I have some radical guests stopping buy to give you a run down on some kick ass rooms they personally love

To start this party off with a right ole' bang I have ..



Dining Rooms were these ladies category picks and your gonna SHIT when you see some of these images..


Lets start with the uber-chic Chassity shall we?

we shall..

Hi Everyone!  Chassity here from Look Linger Love dropping by one of my most favorite blogs to share some dining room pretty.  Here are just a few of my most coveted spaces in which to wine and dine. 

I adore how clean, simple, and masculine this space is.  And this space confirms that I need to get a bench for my dining room table.

This dining room/library is so cozy, I could just sit in there with dessert and coffee and friends for hours.  That large painting doesn't hurt either.
I have to include an outdoor dining space, and this one makes me all giddy inside.  Something about that tile and moss covered walls.

What's not to love?  All of the color, the mirror, table and chairs, that bench...  all perfection.

With it being the holiday season and all, I just have to share this amazing dining room.  The wire shelves, black window, chevron tablecloth, Christmas trees... love every bit of this space.
Thanks for inviting me, Amber. 
 xx, Chassity



the talented and cute as a button Jessie from Sweet Thing

I love her take on a more modern eclectic dining room.

 Grrrreeeat choices!

Hi there, it's Jessie from Sweet Thing bringing you five of my favorite dining rooms. So many wonderful memories are made in a dining room, yet in our modern day lives they are not always a highly trafficked area. While searching through endless images I found myself drawn to spaces that effortlessly combine both vintage and modern and feel special enough for a gathering yet comfortable enough for everyday use.

I love everything about this room- the farmhouse floors, the long rustic table, the use of Eames office chairs. But let's face it, that killer light fixture makes the room. 

We have all swooned over Jenna Lyon's former Park Slope apartment. Her dining room is that perfect mix of old and new that I just love- that fireplace, those moldings and those mix-matched chairs make this room straight out of my dreams. 

This room does black and white right. I love how the simple furnishings put the focus on the gallery wall and the Paolo Rizzatto lamp.

Between the insanely high ceilings, the bubble chandelier and the multi-colored Eames dowel leg chairs, this room is a wow. I could see myself having some pretty fabulous dinner parties here.   

This Argentinian flat is wonderfully whimsical. The dining space feels both comfortable and fun with the red chairs, exposed brick and floor to ceiling windows. 


I have More More MOOORE bloggers Faves for you tomorrow, so come on back and tell your friends!

Thanks Ladies for playin!!!



  1. Gorgeous! I love that outdoor dining space!

  2. OMG gorgeous rooms!!!!
    Found you via Look Linger Love and am now following :)

  3. You two knocked it out of the park! Bravo! Some of that art has me swooning!

  4. You were right...now I have to do some laundry (c: ha! I am dying over that bold chevron table cloth...it is stinkin' cool and takes that metallic shiny goodness to a whole new level (c:

  5. Hey Amber.. picture #02 seems like a Kandinsky and no, it doesn't hurt at all... :)

  6. So many of the images are in my own favorites folder!

  7. only yesterday, i perused your list of blogs that you read in hopes of seeing what you read...and here we are! love love love everything here today.
    (pregnant, so i wish your prediction of a good shit were accurate.;)

  8. Beautiful collection of photos! Thanks for exposing us.

  9. Enjoyed visiting today, Amber :) Thanks for having me! xx

  10. I am LOVING the dining rooms!! I want them all!!!

  11. P.S. This is the first time I've checked out Amber Interior Design Blog. Love it! Thanks Sweetthing for posting today - otherwise I wouldn't have found this! xx

  12. Gorgeous! We adore Chassity and of course her picks are amazing- I especially love the outdoor space!

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