Thursday, December 1, 2011

5 greatest humble opinion!


The kitchen of Designer Kirsten Buckingham

You kitchen temptress with your black cabinets, sassy brassy hardware and amazing tiled floors...Your HUGE hot Wolf Range Stove and creepy moody oil painting on the hood....Your sultry lure gets me every time! 

Oh Windsor Smith.... 

How I love thee. 
Let me count the ways, starting with your checkered floors and ending with your wing backs and nickel pendants..I have even grown to love and accept your Chippendale chairs. 

Your romantic and sweet and if I was either of those things..we could date.
#3. Lonny Kitchen

 I don't know who designed this so please chime in with info. All I know is that Lonny debuted this Beauty...and I have been stalking it ever since. "Hey Lonny kitchen, What's Up? Wanna Mash Potatoes sometime?"


#4. Commune

Everything that should be wrong with this kitchen is what somehow attracts me to it. Green cabinets and funky prison lights really speak to me here.. It's not a bad thing either that the patio connects to the kitchen....and that it is just as drool worthy on its own....
I call it the "prison in the woods" vibe....and I like it A LOT

Ahhh yes,  Rowan and Williams and your beautiful celebrity clientele. 
I know why they hire you.....cause you can decorate and design a mean ass sexy kitchen. Look at all this marble in Gwyneth's pretty palatial kitchen. All the white makes me feel like the chances of ever getting food poisoning eating from here would be slim to none. 
I would go so far to say you could lick/make-out with the floors...slurp!


  1. Windsor Smith has it hands down.

  2. Your opinion is amaze. Totally agree with these choices. #2 and #3are my faves.

  3. DAYUM - I love all of those... OK, minus the Prison in Woods one.. But good picks!


  4. Windsor Smith is the Captain of all the kitchens of the world, but these are some other amazing ones as well. LOVE the black and white combos. Who thinks of kitchens being sexy?? You are so right.

  5. the lonny kitchen is one of my favorites, too - by david cafiero i'm pretty sure

  6. a few of my all-time faves as well. it doesn't get much better than that first one, does it? ox

  7. Love the simplicity and warmth of the Lonny kitchen. I could jump right in there and start cooking up a storm.

  8. Thanks for this post, I'm seriously obsessed with all these elements for my kitchen, I'm so debating on whether I should paint my kitchen cabinets white or black, white is safe but black is what my heart says!

  9. my favorite are number 5. thank you best ragards

  10. Looks-wise I am right there with you- they are all gorgeous. But I am a kitchen designer by trade and #1 and #2 are NOT practical. No counter space around the range. The tables are way too close to the work area. If someone was sitting in the bamboo chairs in the Windsor Smith kitchen you wouldn't be able to open the range door. Maybe it's just the angle, but based on the photos the space planning doesn't make sense to me.

    Sorry to be a negative Nellie.

  11. ooh how i LOVE gywnnie's kitchen.

  12. You left out your kitchen. It's my fave-seriously.

  13. yes. i jizz all over those kitchens.

    also my word verification was 'ovari'

  14. The first three kitchens are some of my favorites too! Everytime I see that first kitchen I swoon - a great mix of materials!

  15. for me, my have is #2...ive always liked that photo! :)))

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  17. I like the kitchen on the garden because it somehow stimulates eating outdoors with all the trees and flowers surrounding you. I also like the pure white kitchen with marbles because of its elegant and sophisticated look. Maybe one of these days, I will surprise my wife by renovating our kitchen. Of course, I would seek an expert’s help to ensure a more positive outcome.

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  18. This marble in Gwyneth's pretty palatial kitchen looks nice.Green cabinets and funky prison lights really speak. It's not a bad thing either that the patio connects to the Kitchen Remodeling....and that it is just as drool worthy on its own.

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