Tuesday, November 15, 2011


sometime people impress me

the person who makes string art well, is a great example.

this is a DIY project I reckon I will never do for fear of looking like a moron compared to this talent!!!


it's all so pretty!

This one they created a piece of art using string wrapped around a block..cool idea.

This last one isn't string, it's tape!!!!!!!! how amazing is that!


I did juice all day until around 4PM when I started getting really twitchy.

I went and boiled some water with onions and vegetables and peas so I could feel like I was eating soup...instead of drinking gallons of green nastiness 10 times a day. 

It was a nice treat.

So far, honestly I cannot imagine myself going 7 days....
I don't even know if I could go another morning.

This shit is hard...


I am gonna try today to not think so much bout food and think more about the bigger picture.

I am starting again today with a fresh head on my shoulder.

Hey Amber "You Go Girl !"

oh and BTW

In an ironic twist..

I dropped a scale on my toe last night and I am pretty sure it's broken....



  1. okay, my husband and i watched the doc and did this last month as well. so, it sucked the same as it is sucking for you. this is what we did - i started juicing and freezing some of the juice into ice cubes and then when we started getting really hungry - i would whip up a smoothie with blueberries, bananas, ice, veggie ice. it just seemed to help to have something "thicker" to eat/drink. ultimately we didn't make it a whole week - but we did start juicing at least one meal a day (i have to have smoothies) and the really cool part of it all - all those veggies hanging out that month - we realized how much we had let go of variety when it came to our veggie intake. so now we eat salad or veggie scrambles nearly every night. i'm shocked at how much i'm in love with a simpler food style that i haven't been up for in years. so, hang in there. and ps - love your blog, your home, all of it. of all the designers out there, you've been the dominant influence as we've been remodeling this year. now we just need to get our "fluff" details nailed down and convince my dad to let me dig through his pile of antique persians and i can get started. okay, long-winded-ness over. keep inspiring us. we appreciate it much.

  2. I could never last a day with juice so I'm endlessly impressed that you have already gone this long- totally feel like you can do it...do you feel better or more energetic? I've been feeling like a 95 year old lately- perhaps I should give it a try? Anyhoo...love the string art!

  3. That's exactly why I don't think I could do it! I'm worthless when I'm hungry all I can do is think of eating. I agree with the comment about the smoothies. I think that would help a lot. And PS you could totally make this string art, you are talented!

  4. eek!! Good luck - pulling for you over here! Love the string art - esp. the one of the London tube system.

  5. haha! that post just made me lol.

  6. Love me some string art, and that block print idea, doing it. For what it's worth every time I've done a fast, the first 3 days are hell. After that I loose my appetite and the headaches subside. I think 10 days was my longest and by then I was ready to pass out. Just listen to your body and try to make it to day 4 and hopefully it will get easier. good luck! xo

  7. Keep going with the juices! The first few days can be hell, especially if you have an intense detox to go through and if you're not eating any fiber. It should subside though, and you'll eventually feel amazing!!

  8. This made me think of you.


    I commend you for juicing. I'd be dead already.

  9. Reading the comments makes me think that maybe I should jump on this juicing bandwagon...I have seen the juicing thing go very well for friends of mine. I am told that even one day of it is better than none, so congratulations for this day, and YOU GO GIRL!

  10. love the art! I'm experimenting with block printing of various kinds (and watching my girlies get creative with stamp kits), so I love seeing the string stamp. Smarty pants.


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  12. Hahaha, you are so funny. I just LOVE reading your blog. Not moved in any way to do that juice fast. Keep us posted! :)


  13. Hello,
    this string art looks great, do you have the names of the artists? I would love to see more of their work.