Monday, November 21, 2011

+ signs

G'morning Lovers.

Do you ever have a shape that just sticks with you?

I do

For some reason I have a love for these big graphic plus signs.

I think about them all the time although have yet to actually use them in decor projects or in my own home even. 

These images remind me that I needs to be adding some BIG & bold plus signs very soon.

Don't like red, here are some more options!

{all images and sources on my Pinterest}

What do you think?

Do you see them as a cross, or as a plus sign???

does it remind you too much of first aid, or the Red Cross?



OK let me first tell you that even though I feel better and proud of myself,

 I got a head cold and broke my toe in the process of trying to basically starve myself, detox years of toxins and lose 15 pounds.

I detoxed, I starved, but I didn't even come close to losing 15 pounds

 I am angry for being hungry for the past 7 days and feel like why did I bother?????

no seriously,

all I want to do is eat ice cream and drink 400 lattes a day.

Overall poundage lost was 6 although I am sure as soon as I think about eating cereal I will gain it all back.

Bull Crap!

Anyways, I do recommend the fast if you want to detox and "clean out" your system...

I don't recommend the fast, unless you want to be a miserable cow willing to eat a dog biscuit to get your carb fix!

There I SAID IT!


  1. this is awesome.

    detoxs don't work because we come out of them obsessing over food and just gain it all back (its really all in our head). That's why you want 400 lattes. I've driven myself insane trying to find a balance and all I can say is: less is more. You don't need to do anything radical. Just reduce your carbs little by little (same goes for coffee) and you will see better long lasting results, without going koo-koo. I refuse to give up my coffee. Won't happen. EVER. I like it that much. But I counter all that coffee by drinking lots and lots of water (coffee dehydrates the hell out of me).

    All this to say, it was super fun following your posts!! :) koodos for sticking with the detox. Now go have that latte! :)

  2. My favorite image is the one with the cross on the wall with the patina...but I will admit it does remind me of the tv show MASH, ha!

    I give you credit for the fast, I usually make it a few hours then it is all over from there. You get a gold start for sticking with it from this girl!

  3. Brilliant! Never thought it could appear that lovely! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  4. I like these graphic signs mixed in with the more bohemian look, so nice. I admire you for making it further in the fast than I ever could. I've considered it but I'm too weak willed. What I do is use the livestrong app on my phone to keep track of my calories and nutrition intake each day. It really helps me to be aware of what I'm actually eating and what I'm burning. I eat too many carbs as a vegetarian and that's something I'm trying to work on. One day at a time!

  5. Wow the industry hall with the great big cross is incredibly. The cross en every colour are a very good idea. They inspired me a lot.....Thank you and many regards

  6. Congrats on following through with the whole detox. I lasted 4 days on the Master Cleanse. If I attempted a fifth day there would be a homicide/suicide situation in my house.

  7. As for the cross - I like it but it always makes me think of first aid protocol.

    As for the juice fast - You're cracking me up. Its tough, for sure. I only did a 5 day fast and I was feeling pretty goofy by the end. And I didn't really lose any sustainable weight. However, in the weeks that followed, I felt amazing. AMAZING! So, I'll probably try it again sometime.


  8. There really is no need to "detox" out bodies! Our liver does a great job of that naturally.

  9. Glad I'm not the only one who loves that symbol! I'm totally drawn to it and love the images you used today! I give you kudos for trying the fast, there is no way ever that I could do it!!

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