Monday, November 14, 2011


So this week the Duck and I have decided to Reboot our lives....

What the hell does that mean you ask???

It means we are going to pull out all the stops and go on a juice fast.

That's right lovers

We are officially the stupidest people on the face of this earth.

You see it all started with a movie

Have any of you seen the documentary "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead"? 

Well we watched it and it done gone and messed with my head

Slapped me with a super dose of reality... 


SO this movie 

Is about a fat Australian guy who after suffering for years from an array of weird sicknesses and various ailments decided to try juicing as a means to better his life and "reboot" his system.

Over the course of 60 days he lost like 9 million pounds and got all crazy energetic and healthy.

During his travels to get healthy he recruited some fat American trucker fella to join in his crazy antics and try to un-fattify himself also. Well that fat dude lost a bunch of weight too and also went and got himself crazy healthy.  
By the end of the movie he was running through snow and shit.


Anyways, the movie was amazing and we have decided that it's time to get healthy and jump start our health.

I am totes not doing this for weight loss, however on a completely personal note,

 I did gain

  A LOT 

of weight when I was pregnant

 And I am still here, 2 years later trying to shed the last 15lbs. I Will not be bummed if in the process of this crusade for health I loose my muffin top and possibly this third chin I have acquired

Seriously, if I don't drink about a gallon of coffee every morning I have zero energy to get through the work day and take care of G.

Hopefully this reboot can just get me back to normal.

Here is a round up of what you do....

take a whole lotta these

2nd: shove them into this thing

3rd:  drink what comes out the spout...

all day long for 7 days....

OK ??

so Day 1 starts this morning...

Wish me luck, that I don't give in a run into crispy cream and hold some doughnuts hostage

Make sure you watch the movie here

and look at the reboot program info here

Back to posting about interior design tomorrow.



  1. The movie sounds really interesting and lots of people can really get inspired...

    Enjoy your juicing ♥

  2. Juice fasting is part of my life too. You will find that your first two days will be your most difficult, but by your third day, you will actually feel really good. Try to find juice combos that actually taste good to you. Don't just throw a bunch of stuff together, that could equal yuck and make you want to quit. A recipe that I can recommend tastes good and is really good for you. One head of romaine, 5 stalks of kale, 3 or 4 apples and a touch of citrus squeezed into each glass at the end. Tastes like lemonade. My hubs doesn't like the citrus, so his tastes more apple-y. Try it; find what works for you! Good Luck.

  3. I literally JUST watched this movie last night. So funny. I however am not nearly as self disciplined to go on a juice fast, just a few here and there. Beets are really tasty in any juice! Good luck!

  4. Wow, this is going to be difficult. I could not imagine eating solid foods and the wanting would drive me crazy. You have to keep us up to date on your progress. I will have to watch this documentary!

  5. I've always kind of wanted to do a juice fast thing. You'll have to keep us updated on how awesome it is! Best of luck Amber!!!!! xo

  6. My husband and I watched that too and promptly went and bought a juicer! Ha! We didn't do a fast but we have started drinking juices here and there. They are pretty delish! Good luck!


  7. Sounds exciting but be prepared to spend lots of time in the bathroom, juicing really cleans you out at first :)

  8. I watched the same movie on Netflix and ordered a juicer. I am waiting on it to be delivered......

    I wish you luck!

  9. Carrots, celery, a little ginger, apple, a little lemon & some kale if you're feeling brave makes the BEST tasting juice!!

  10. Amber, I did a three day juice fast like 10 years ago, lol, you know when I was 12. Anyhoo, I slept great, my skin looked amazing and I was so focused and present.I would love to do it again but I wonder if I can get my hubs on board.

  11. How much juice can you have in a day? Endless amounts? Because I think I could do it if I could have as much juice as I wanted...but anywho keep us posted on your progress! :)

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

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  13. hahaha, that was a really funny post! Sounds like a great movie, really inspiring! I might just catch myself doing this juicing! :)

  14. Um seriously let us know what you feel like by day 3! Let it all out! My girlfriends and I did a fast/cleanse once, not exactly a juice cleanse, but by day 5 we decided a shake was a good idea because we had gone crazy! I will never forget how sick we all felt in the car so the fast was working! When you give yourself a boost of healthiness your body doesn't crave the junk...I think the hardest part is making your mind forget about all the goodies!

  15. Amber, I can't wait to see how this works for you. I also am still carrying around 15 lbs. of baby weight, 2.5 years later.... and also struggle to have any energy by the middle of the day. I hope the juice works wonders and that you inspire me to get off my butt and try it too. Good Luck!

  16. Good luck! I tried a 7 day cleanse once and was less than impressed with my effort!

  17. i did dr. alexander junger's 'clean' program and went psycho bitch crazy. have fun.

  18. Good luck. Keep us posted on your progress.

  19. I watched that documentary not long ago, as well as Forks over Knives... have you seen that one? I think its awesome that you are both doing this juice fast together! It would be so hard to try and have only juice while your hubs is eating all kinds of yummy food in front of you! Please keep us posted, I'd love to hear how its going! We have been thinking about trying it after we watched that movie =D

  20. Please keep us posted! I want to know how you feel on day 7 before I try it :) Sounds great though!

  21. The thought seems like a total nightmare but good for you for giving it a go. I can't wait to hear how it goes, as I'm in the same place. Skinny with flub and a muffin and zero energy. Best o' luck!

  22. Good luck! If juicing is too much, there's a good fruit/veggie cleanse called the Daniel fast that you might like. I did it for 7 days before succombing to peanut butter toast (epic fail). Can't wait to see your review of juicing!

  23. I am on my second day (out of three) of a blueprint cleanse. so far so good, except that on Monday, I was at a work conference and I stayed up until 2 am drinking with my coworkers (dumb), so when I woke up the next morning to start my juice cleanse, I first needed a crucial stop at chick-fil-a. But, the point we don't want to miss here is that by lunch I had started the juice and I was definitely a touch hungover, but I stuck with it! woo hoo! 7 days sounds like a long time. maybe give it a go for just three days and see how you feel. I think you're supposed to feel pretty crappy the first couple of days as your body releases all the toxins it's stored up. good luck!

  24. Thanks for the link, this is totally something I'd like to try (still have the last 20 lbs from bambino #3 packed around my butt and gut.......very attractive!)

    Good luck with your fast can't wait to see how you do.

  25. It is so awesome to see all these comments about people juicing and getting healthy!

    Congrats on your decisions to try this. That can be the hardest part.

    Even though someone had a bad experience with it, do check out the Clean program at

    It is a partial liquid (juice) detox, but you also eat solid foods for lunch from a list of approved foods. A lot of people have success with it because it isn't as hard to do as a pure juice fast. You can buy cleanse kits with everything you need, including a shake mix for your breakfast and dinner, and supplements! You can also do the cleanse on your own by making your own stuff. I would be glad to give you some more info on that if you want- just send me an email!

    And even if you aren't interested in Clean, do check out the community site at for great recipe ideas!

    And please feel free to send any questions about juicing or about Clean my way!

    Good luck! The reward of feeling great is totally worth the effort :)

    Cheers, Meghan
    Clean Community Ambassador