Friday, November 18, 2011

Mid Century doses

Every now and again I go on a MCM{mid-century-modern} bonanza.

I have come to my own personal conclusion that every room needs an element of mid century.

Whether it's a piece of pottery or a papa bear chair....

It always appeals to me and a little bit is always good...

try to argue it, i dare ya!


Still no significant weight loss. Just a sad little pound!

I am feeling actually much better energy-wise. If I didn't have a broken toe and now a head cold & sore throat from hell I could really see how amazing the cleanse could make you feel...

I ate last night...I steamed up some broccoli and cauliflower with water and added some spicy herbs to trick my senses to thinking it was getting some super spicy Mexican food

I am gonna keep up the fast for the 7 days like I promised....

I have modified my diet a bit by adding partially steamed vegetables as a mini meal once a day.

still no sugar
not a drop of caffeine 
no meat
no dairy
no carbs

Everyday gets easier....

everyday I also dream of eating Thanksgiving dinner....


  1. I have a special place in my heart for MCM! LOVE!

  2. I love MCM too. I want more if it in my home especially an eames rocker....

  3. I have a cool original eames chair for sale on craigslist if ya know anyone who's interested =) It just doesn't fit in my home PS- I mentioned you on the blog today pretty lady....xoxo shel

  4. I completely agree that every room needs a touch of mid-century! The designs are so versatile they can fit into almost any space and add that little touch of pizzazz.

    You're starting to tempt me to try this juice diet......


  5. I totally agree which is why I'm searching for the perfect MCM coffee table. Been searching for a while already. Fingers crossed the one will come along!

  6. I totally agree on the MCM! Great pics. You are a brave, brave are you doing this diet?

  7. I bet you cannot WAIT for T-giving. Hey - I mentioned your awesome, super cute style in my first post debut. Check it out. And keep doin' what you do - you have an exceptional eye!


  8. Yup on the small hits of MCM- I've got a chair and a credenza and I love it mixed with more glamorous/frilly elements. I love your for doing the cleanse- I think I need to try something similar because I'm feeling like a 95 year old these days- I'm starting with gluten to see if that helps but might have to take the cleanse plunge soon- inspired by how long you've gone!!

  9. Huge fan of MCM but I also like it mixed up with other pieces. I started a healthy living competition today and it's not going to be easy but I'm hoping I respond well (meaning get my butt back in shape).

  10. I did a liquid fast once and thought I was gonna punch someone. Actually I did punch my a food related dream....but nonetheless, you can do it!

  11. Found you via alamode and am now following!

  12. I love this decoration style!
    The room are very light and the colors look so fresh!!

  13. I agree...especially with a chair or two. Good luck on the diet...any headaches?

  14. I agree with this so much! Good luck with the diet, Wish I was as strong!

  15. I love this decoration style!
    The room are very light and the colors look so fresh


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