Thursday, November 10, 2011

Great Artists

I love to come across amazing and new (to me) artists..

This week I have found a few diamonds..

this creative couple are a talented pair..

they are really pretty and totally affordable...

Now on the totally unaffordable spectrum, we have Melanie Parke who's work is stunning.

{Melanie Parke}

I am currently trying to rip off her ideas and re-create them...

I don't know how well I am doing. I'll keep you posted

However Baby G can really make a painting,

I just framed her last masterpiece..

Pretty good huh?
This little wee one has a fever, it was a long night.


  1. Wow those were some great pieces of abstract art! The last one was my favorite though ;-)


  2. Fabulous find! And I do have to agree, your daughter's art is awesome! Hope she's feeling better! xo

  3. Beautiful works!! Especially the last one, early signs of talent :) Hope sge gets better quick :)
    Nancy xo

  4. Amber...these are just AHHHHmazing! love them all..but I would have to say that little G's masterpiece tops them all..that is one creative little cookie you have there!! Have spent a good chunk of the morning here in Australia browsing your blog..and loving it! And now all your DIY jobs have got me all buzzed to get creative today ; )

    Wishing you a fab weekend and hoping little G gets better soon.

    Anna x

  5. Oooh really digging the peach, black, white one...thx for the intro! Hope your wee one feels better. :o(

  6. Baby G's was my favorite by far before even reading the post! You must be one proud mom!