Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Monday

Hope you all had a nice black Friday and a quiet weekend to recuperate after stuffing your guts full of bird.

In honor of "Black" lets start the Monday off right and illustrate all that's right with this perfect color..

shall we?

{all images from my Pinterest}

So I worked all day Saturday with a little bit of installation at Client Awesome's house..

I am going back there on Tuesday so I will have better photos to send you then. 

The ones I took were garbage and the house is not even CLOSE to being completed,
but here is a sneaky peaky of the new chandelier...{ignore the weird half on half off thing going on}

Just a little news: YOU GUYS ARE GONNA least I hope..about Client Awesome' progress...

It's B-A-N-A-N-A-S

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  1. Looks amazing!! You are a creative genius. Swear.

  2. Okay, that dining room looks the chairs, love the chandy, love everything, love to. BUT, I really want to go OUTSIDE! Wow, it looks so awesome out there!

  3. I love moody black spaces and accents!

  4. Amber! after reading this post i went to the post about your amazing studio re-do in a week (advertised below your post) and i have a quick and unrelated question!

    Where DID YOU FIND THOSE FIDDLE LEAF FIGS? I got one at Home Depot that promptly died in a week because it was poisoned. Any good sources for FLF's??
    Thanks, lovey!


  5. It looks INCREDIBLE!!!! You are quite the ridonkulous talent my dear. Loving the black of course- the bedroom makes me crazy!

  6. WHERE did you find that chandelier???

  7. divine! hope you a great holiday xx

  8. Great examples of the color black.

  9. Gorgeous images! Black works in any space! In the right amount and in the right spaces of course! :)

  10. Beautiful house with beautiful furniture, classy bedroom design.

  11. Where did you get the area rug

  12. where did you get the rug for the bedroom? NEED NEED NEED that rug!