Wednesday, November 16, 2011

5 things I ain't mad at: PART 2

You may remember a while back I posted about 5 trends I was not mad

well it's time for another round.

These five trends are totally common and most definitely played out, 


I refuse to let them go...what do you think?

1: Boho Glam


2:Touch Of Brass

3: Leopard Stuff

4: Gigantic Art

5: Rustic Love


Love It or Leave it

Whats your verdict?


It still sucks!

I dropped a scale on my toe and broke it....

That's right...the scale broke my GD toe and I am hobbling around like an angry & hungry troll.

I caved today and made myself some more vegetable water soup.

I put some onions, celery, carrots, and peas in a big pan with water and boiled it all together.

Then I blended it up and called it a soup..wasn't bad compared to the disgusting juice.

I am happy to say though that It has defo been easier today than yesterday.

I don't feel like I have lost any weight yet accept I hobbled onto the devil scale and I lost 4.5 lbs.

all water no doubt, but still motivation to keep it up,

 at least for one more day.


Having a broken toe sucks real bad....

having a broken toe and detoxifying your body, sucks worse

having a broken toe, while detoxing, while in pain, hungry and not sleeping, sucks the most!

wah wah wah


  1. Great collection of images! Can you help me source the photo of the lady standing in front of the large colorful art piece? Thanks!

  2. I just love every picture you post. These may be hot right now, but definitely not played out in my book.

    I've broken 4 toes, so I feel your pain. This juice fast sounds wack. I don't think I'm a believer.

  3. I'm all for giant art, it just makes such a statement!

  4. Good lord I love your blog. I also had 15 pounds of baby weight left on me (even though my baby is 17!). After juice fasts (and stranger) I found Eat to Live by Dr. Fuhrman. It's hard for sure but at least you eat a lot. He has some interesting things to say about juice fasts too, most of which sound right to me. I lost the pounds but more importantly rearranged my relationship to food. The weight has stayed off and I feel awesome a year later. Highly recommend checking him out (read the book - ignore the graphic design and all the infomercial type stuff that surrounds him. The book is the key).

  5. These don't much seem like trends to me but just plain good design. Good art, nice fixtures, things of that nature always make a space sing! Sorry to hear about your toe, I have never broken anything so I can't imagine what that must be like!

  6. Some fantastic inspiration!! I can't seem to get enough of the rustic love trend!! Love it!!


  7. Wow, vegtable water soup really sounds like you majorly caved. My definition of caving would be a giant burger, fries and a milkshake.

  8. leopard and brass forever.

    get you a stomach virus. fuck the juice fast hunger bullshit. my way is pretty much the same except you're not hungry.

  9. I only just got on the big art bandwagon and still trying to decide what giant piece I want about our bed (though I am worried it might come off the wall and decapitate us in our sleep)

  10. i pretty much agree with all of these things. some fly images there, sister.

    sorry about the toe. and the non-food thing. the first 3-4 are the hardest!!!

  11. I love four of the five- the boho glam I could live without, been there done that!

    Hang in there!

  12. Oh I am soo sorry about your toe...and I love all your photos. I lost weight on The Seventeen Day Diet...not fun, not easy but it worked.

  13. I ain't mad at any of these trends either. Obviously not -- I'm pretty much going to pin every single one.

    So awful about your toe! it bad I totally laughed out loud at the description of you as a hungry/angry troll?

  14. i still love all of these trends and don't know if i'll ever be mad at any of them ;) great round up today! xoxo - julie

  15. I still love all those trends and then some! I once broke my second toe and it hurt worse than a break on any other part of my body. I feel for you.

  16. Are they played out? Darn it, I am still obsessing over it ALL! It's like you just listed my 5 favorite trends.

    Juice fasts - ugh! I can't get myself to do it. I can't.

  17. love the images you chose. i'm into all of these things. boho glam-never leave!! i'm even warming up to leopard! so sorry to hear about your toe & intense hunger. that sucks, but think of how superior you are to those of us that have no willpower!!

  18. Not to keen on large art. Had a lovely picture hanging above my bed but for health & safety reason I decdided to relocate it. I place it lovingly on the floor, leaning it against the wall only to go and trip over the bloody thing minutes later. The result? One broken toe, one unhappy me, one large picture placed next to the bin! Hope it the toe heals soon! xx

  19. For me, yes to all but brass and leopard. Honestly, I have never understood the leopard thing.

    If you tape your broken toe to one of the toes next to it it will make it a wee less painful and help in heal straight. I broke mine when I was pregnant...damn that hurt.

    Two days on the juice fast with injury is are an inspiration ... I have tried some of the "REBOOT" recipes but I would have to be locked in a closet to drink juice for 7 days straight. No way I am spending an hour in the kitchen every night cooking for the kids and then sipping on kale and carrot juice. Not going to happen.

    Hang in there so you can say you did it...I have resorted to Hot Yoga to deal with my last 15 pounds. Most people would think that is just as crazy!!

  20. Some things are just classic's brass and leopard.

  21. I say keep them all but brass and leopard. I never understood the leopard thing.

    If you tape the broken toe to one of the toes near it then pain will be a wee less and it will help it heal faster and hopefully straighter. I broke my toe when I was pregnant - damn that hurt.

    You are an inspiration juicing for 2 days with injury. I would have to be locked in a closet to juice for a week. There is no way after cooking dinner every night that I am going to drink liquified kale...not going to happen. I have resorted to Hot Yoga to try to get rid of the tummy (and more) and some would say that is just as crazy.

    Go for it so you can say you did it - you are almost there - tomorrow is when you are supposed to feel the nirvana, yes? This reported burst of energy everyone says hits day 3? I am dying to know if that's true...

  22. Great pics I'm not willing to let those trends go either.

    BTW: you had me in stitches with the "angry hungry troll comment" too funny!!!