Monday, October 31, 2011

Who WON????

We have a winner winner for the awesome  O'verlay  Giveaway... 



here ya go

Lucky number 49

Lauren Johnson

please contact me here to claim your prize!

Remember when I said I was using these in a project.....WELL

here is what I did with em

I can't show you the whole finished project yet because it may or may not be 

*wink wink*

in a certain online publication...hmm

Happy Halloweiner

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fab Fabs!

I love a good fabric....

I especially love a good deal on a fabric!

Spoonflower always carries such awesome prints. 

I spent a good hour looking around last night and I was in love with A LOT of goodies...

Are these not AMAZING!!!!




I could do some cool stuff with the above!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

when i say give you say AWAY





who wants to get an exclusive shot to win a brand spanking new... 

hot off the press...

fresh outta the oven...

you get the idea


My lovely and brilliant pal Danika from the awesome blog Gorgeous Shiny Things
got together with her pal Cheryle and started a pretty special company called O'verlays

They are decorative fretwork panels made to fit onto furniture to add a little Vavavoom.

Wanna know what the best part is...
they fit on everything from IKEA stuff, to vintage stuff, to whatever you want..they can custom as well!


so anyways,

Here is the brand new pattern called the Dee Dee...its a little take on the famed Dorothy Draper chest.

You like it..??
great, then


here is how

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I will announce the winner on Monday Oct.31st.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Things in the land of blog

First things First 
Yours truly is being featured on the "Style at Home" section of the go to style source Glitter Guide today!!

Please go show me some love and go like glitter guide on Facebook and follow them on twitter and spread the word...

G.G creator Taylor contacted me a while back and I jumped on the chance of being featured in such an inspiring daily read....wouldn't you?


The pics of my pad are all kinds of pretty!!!

The lovely and talented Jessie webster took the photos. If you don't already follow her blog PLEASE go do so.


Bare with me this week.

I am wrapping up an installation of a house here in Sunny Santa Monica CA!

I can't wait for you lovers to scope it. I'll be tweeting progress and happenings so make sure to go follow me 

tomorrow I am doing a GIVEAWAY!!

so come on back here and get involved...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Obsessions

Leather & Lucite

I never get sick of seeing you???

in other news

I will be partaking in a plethora of festivities involving my brothers WEDDING!!! 

My little brother is getting married on Sunday which is emotional and exciting and I couldn't be happier for him...


Next week I will be having an AMAZING giveaway, so check back round here

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Sorry for my absence yesterday!!! 

It's one of those crazy weeks AGAIN..

My bro is getting married on Sunday, so it's been a week filled with tons of work then tons of events and wedding happenings.

I did manage to get the AOK from Client Awesome, for her little man's playroom.

ain't this cute

cutey tooty

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brain wave

sometimes there is not a whole lot of rhythm and reason to whats going on over here on this bloggy......and let me show you why.

make some sense of this non-sense please

clients clients clients
clients kitchen

buy these here

make amazing things with these

find a spot for this


love up on this cool dude 

use these

 to make something like this

take a shower

Monday, October 17, 2011


Apparently it's Fall....although you'd never be able to guess by the 93 degree weather that happened this weekend here in sunny Southern California.


anyways I whipped up a little of my favorite ways to infuse a pretty fall palette into your pad that can last you all year long


Friday, October 14, 2011

fa fa fa fashion

I love me some fashion bloggers...

I rarely remember to nor have time to stalk their blogs but when I do I have a couple of "Go To" gals...

First up

it was hard to marrow down my fave images from her blog cause there are tons...
I love her Freddy Mercury-esque style cause it's the way in my head I want to dress every day.
To bad I always end up in sweats.

next up..

She's got that 90's / 60's / grungey thing going on and I dig it...It makes me feel less bad when I forget to wash my hair for a month

This site I can just peruse for hours to see what all the kids these days are wearing...keep up with whats hip. It's a collection of stylish folks posting pics up of there looks. 
It's a full on time suck.

and this last blog I check is just to remind me not to eat ever again and to someohow magically be re-born but with a face like this girls.

I have a lot more these were just the ones striking my fancy lately.