Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Babooshka

2 years ago today I was screaming bloody murder on a delivery table as I desperately tried to push my 9 pound princess into this world.......yes I totally just gave you that visual.

I have to say, recently I have had a lot of "a-ha" moments. One of the biggest "a-ha moments came from watching G react to me crying....OK, now I know that may sound really weird so let me explain.

All this emotional cancer stuff with my Papa has been going on and I have been nothing short of a blubbering fool. 

Normally I try and keep my over the top "ugly cry's" down to a bare minimum around G so I don't freak her the fuck out, but the other day she caught me engaging in all types of drama sobs... snotty,ugly,red-faced crying, that is typically reserved for  high school break-ups or when watching Steel Magnolias. Anyways she caught me and did the most touching and sweet thing anyone on the planet earth has ever done.  She came up to my face and put her tiny hands on my cheeks and said 

"woo noo Mama..itty-k Mama sayyd" 

and then she kissed me smack on the mouth. 

My little baby sympathized with me...

that's big girl emotions right there and I am totally vaklempt about it



mommy loves you so much

we are off to Disneyland,
wish me luck!


  1. Happy Birthday Beautiful G. I hope you have a lovely time with the family at Disneyworld xxxx

  2. Oh my gosh, she is so cute! That is such a sweet story. Have fun today! xo

  3. so cute! happy birthday little one!

  4. Isn't it amamzing when they start to display grown up emotions like sympathy? Your little girl has a big heart:)
    And I've sent up a prayer for your Papa.

  5. SO sweet! How do us lil ladies end up birthing the 9 pounders?! Well good job... she's here. xo

  6. She is a doll Amber! Happy Bday little mush!

    and I'm really sorry you are going through that with your Papa. **hugs**

  7. What a little sweetie! Happy Birthday to G! :)... and good luck at Disneyland!

  8. What a little sweetheart!! Enjoy your day together!

  9. haha! good luck with that! she'll love Disneyland! happy bday to your babe - you've obviously done a good job with that little sweetie! ox

  10. What a fun birthday...she's adorable!!

  11. seriously cute and sweet child.
    i LOVE disneyland with my kids. it is so much fun seeing it thru their little eyes. i literally cried on our first visit and we saw cinderella and the fairy godmother as my children were beyond stunned. it really is magical. have a great time and take loads of pics.

  12. What a precious little face...happy birthday to your sweet girl. xo