Friday, September 30, 2011

HHHHHHaaaaappppyyyyy Anniversareee

7 and a half years together and 5 years of wedded blissss.....


i love you.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Woah there little lassie

I have a four page front and back "To Do" list.

It's My 5 year wedding anniversary on Friday 

We are going to a Jimmy Eat World concert tonight

I am going away on a girls night to Palm Springs Saturday morning

I have a photo shoot next week with nothing to wear

I am having my house painted as we speak

2 wedding to go to with no dress or shoes to speak of for either of them

I have hired an awesome new sidekick design assistant

G's room sits untouched with nothing more than a big girl bed

I have an article to write

We are buying and selling a car

I have 4 amazing clients, 1 more potential added to the books for next week, 1 more waiting to sign contracts, and 3 e-design jobs. 

I would like to somehow squeeze horseback riding into this whole agenda and paint a huge canvas.

AND I am running for Mayor

bring it on!

Here are some pretties that are helping me check some shit off of my "to Do List"

any tips or hints or tricks or drugs would be greatly appreciated

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


And the Winner is

Drum Roll Please.......................

 Luciane at said...

Super giveaway! I'm in desperate need it! I need to organize myself better. This will be helpful!

I'm already a follower of your blog! :-)

Have a wonderful day!


Luciane at


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Clients always ask me to help make their stuff look pretty and I am always happy to help.

There is an art to the vignette, but it is a very simple formula and I am willing to share some of my 3 favorite inside tips...

Tip #1.
Layers and Layers and Layers Oh my!!!
If you have lots to display { and in my case I do} then the key to making it all work together is to layer. It's OK to stack frames or objects on top of a stack of books.  It adds height and depth to the area without it feeling cluttered.

Amber Interiors for High Gloss


Tip #2:
 Less is More and More is More
If you choose to have a simple vignette....then keep it simple and do go overboard with chotskies. Lean frames against the wall and organize trinkets in baskets to draw eye to the art and larger items in vignette. This whole area would have completely cluttered up if there were candles of various other crap stacked all over the place....agreed?


Tip #3: 
Pick a color or various complementing colors and run with it.
It will create a flow to the area and draw your eye to move and look at everything in the space. This rule also applies to objects color tones. In the first photo all the colors used are naturals, like the sandy pinks and gold hues with the black ground.


In both of these photos the color green or blue was used to to create a color story within the vignette. They used similar colors and changed up the objects shapes and sizes!

Tip #4: 
Add some plant life to the situation.
Shrubs and flowers go a long way. They add an organic height and shape to your vignette and always pop with color be it green from foliage or pink from peonies!

Amber Interiors {shame-less plug}

above images via my Pinterest



Monday, September 26, 2011

finders fee

I have got nothing for you.....except a challenge.

I know we have  all seen this coffee table before, but I just can't seem to find where????

help a sista out!

first prize to the winner



it ends on Wednesday the 28th so hurry!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

We Be Ruggin'

So I was with my AWESOME EXTRAORDINARILY AMAZING CLIENT all day on Wednesday
and we were ruggin.....!!

Unfortunately none of theses beauties worked. 

The colors were wrong or the size was just off, but here is a little preview of what the vibe in the entry hallway is fixin to look like.

We are making some serious progress......I can't wait till this job starts to take shape.

Dear Elle Decor, 
you want to know about this project....

All the rugs were from my go to rug vendor 
they have a stunning inventory and a really easy to use website

Thursday, September 22, 2011

?Dirty ?

Recently I was out shopping with a client when I came across these stunning pieces of artwork.....

They are hanging on the walls of Todd Romanos LA store.

 I was blown away by the colors and the scale and I knew right away I just had to have them......


The lovely Leslie who works at the store says " I just want you to know that the prints are Dirty"...

 "Dirty?", I asked..."Like they need to be cleaned?"

and she said..

"No, Dirty as in there is a girl, a mouth, a wiener, and a boob"

OK, she was way more professional sounding than that but all I heard was something about private bits..

Can you see the boobies, dong, and licker lady????
"Lover Xc11" by G.N. Morris

if your down for this go buy it HERE

"Lover 1xxv1" signed G.N.Morris

go buy HERE

Don't feel stupid if you can't see took me a while also

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Oh yeah you better believe it!!!!!!!!!!

I have one last birthday Giveaway for you lover chops........


wait for it



If you have not had the fortune of owning anything from the fantastic GRAPHIC IMAGE....

well then, let me offer you a chance to win the best product on the market for leather desk accessories.

UMmmmm....COLORS, I DIE!

As described on the Graphic Image website the fab company like to think of themselves as the 

"Biggest brand that nobody has heard of"

I myself have heard of them and have owned a desk diary every year since I graduated high school. They are seriously the Rolls Royce of leather journals, address books, desk diaries and agendas.....not to mention there gorgeous frames and now a range of iPad and iPhone cases!

They also add a special somethin' somethin', to each journal by giving customers the option of Monogramming each piece.


Graphic Image has offered my lovers a chance to win a desk diary in any color or style that you fancy!!!

some of my personal faves in no particular order

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So we have a winner for the House of Pemberly giveaway!!!


she writes a fab blog and now she will have a fab pair of pillows in the KW Agate pattern in the color of your choice!!!!
Contact me to collect your prize!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

So I thought I would have a very "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to" attitude on my birthday....however surprising to me....I didn't.

I woke up thankful and happy and totally giddy about the life I am constantly creating for myself and my beautiful family.

 I didn't want to sulk, I didn't want to feel sorry for myself, I just wanted to grab 30 by it's balls and show it who was boss!

I had an amazing bash with all my nearest and dearest and although WAAAAy more mellow than I would have thought my dirty birdie thirty would have been.... I still had loads of fun.

I mainly just drank a lot and acted like an idiot...

whats new?

taaa daaah

I got some SUPER cool prezzies


Missoni for Target flats
{I would give you a link..but you know that story}

how f-ing cute is this bag!!!
{You can order it over the phone, just give my pal Beau @ Beau Alexis Boutique a call and tell her Amber sent ya!!}
go like her on facebook too!

Amazing bangle!

Christopher Farr pillows!!!

my mom also made me a SWEET array of friendship bracelets and some chan luu inspired wraps to add to my growing arm party.

I SCORED big time...don't ya think?