Monday, August 8, 2011

Tour Widow

The time has come again in my chosen life as a wife to an international axe man, that I am left at home to care for the G'ster, the Hound, and the Caat whilst the Duck travels around Europe for the next 2 weeks. 

While I am jealous of his summer vacation, ahem.... sorry I mean his hard business travel time...
 {yes sir "working" is hard} 
I am happy to spend some alone time with my little one. I am as busy as a beaver for the next two weeks and I am hoping that the time will just FLY by.

I am always trying to think of a good lead in topic that correlates to some lame design thing I am gonna talk about, but today I couldn't think of anything except this.

Tour Widow= Wallpaper matching Window treatments

I mainly hate them both the same....

That dog is even mad about the ugly scene happening here

Rooster weeds ugly

Goddy Bullard Balls

No words for Ugly, Ugly

If you want me to match the walls and the curtains then I am not the interior designer for you.

 If you read my blog and like this look please tell me why???? 

Let's start a debate like the civilized design nerds we all are.


  1. yuck to the curtain walls...

    I need to go on a business trip to Europe...since I am a stay at home mom, if I pack my son and take him, I am still "on the job", no?

  2. I love your lead-in to the design-related part of this post. :)

    And can I say how relieved I am to hear you say this about wallpaper + curtains? I feel like I'm not allowed to hate it because it's so designer-y and probably expensive. But I HATE hate hate it. Just seems so unimaginative and overwhelming.

    Good luck with your little one while your husband is gone! My husband starts back as a teacher today, so he'll be gone for 7 hours a day instead of NONE, and I was just starting to feel all sorry for myself until I read your post. :)

  3. buenas opciones...aunque demasiado cargado.
    cariƱos y buena semana!!

  4. Wow I never saw anything like this and now I wish I didn't! I'm scarred forever.

    Hope the weeks go by fast for you!! Today is my first day of staying home while the hubby goes off to work... It's quiet here. Hmm...

  5. I want to go on a business trip too! (insert more exclamation points)

    I do agree using the same pattern on wallpaper and fabric can be suffocating (and ugly, especially if the pattern is ugly. duh.) BUT some designers do it really well and/or some rooms look really good with it it a chintz-y, traditional. old fashioned way. Now, I'm by no means rushing to do it in my home (not even if I had the funds...) but still, it does look good sometimes.

  6. This has to be the *worst* mindless revamp of 70s trends I can think of (I think it is 70s isn't it? I am just old enough to remember it and also when people wallpapered their ceilings ...)
    I am totally with you on this one. So much so that I had to come out of lurkerdom to lend my support :-)

  7. Um, no...This isn't going to fly with me. On another note. My fiance is travels for business EVERY SINGLE week, just home for the weekends. So I want to hear how this goes for you, because the time will come when we have a baby, and I am just not sure how I will manage. xoxo

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  9. Thank you for hating this look as much as I do! I was worried this post was going to be about why you SHOULD love this look at which point I would have to stop following you! Thanks for not disappointing...

  10. my eyesight sucks as it is and now i'm supposed to go hunting to find the curtains in these pics??

    it's like those "Magic Eye" 3D posters that were cool when we were little that I faked seeing the jumping dolphins or whatever I was supposed to see.

    now, i'm supposed to say that there are curtains in these pics and i'm just gonna lie and say yes, I see them.

    not a fan.

  11. I hate to admit that I actually kind of like the crazy, zany, over-the-topness of matching wallpaper and drapes. It can be done VERY badly, but can also look kind of traditional and mad-cap. I think the key would be to have the rest of the room be rather crazy and eclectic though, to make it work and balance out the look.
    Also, I think you would have to have the right house/room for this... Am I the only crazy one?!

  12. Major matching, WOW!!!

    OX Leslie

  13. The last photo, I could handle being in that room. With a bunch of friends and smoking some hookah or a few cocktails. It does look like a fun chilling out room. But the actual decor itself is not my style.

    On another note, I have been reading your blog through rss for awhile now, and I just had to say, you are my fav by sure! You are fun to read!

  14. I feel your pain...remember those days all too well. Think of all the crap tv you get to watch!

  15. Absolutely not... all this look says to me is "I have lots of money but no imagination or taste." Gross!

  16. Kind of looks like the walls are melting...

  17. I hate it and Its gross about the design taste!..feel sorry about the pain You've been through..anyway had fun reading your blog. :-)

  18. Yuck- it is like pattern-diarrhea....especially when there is a matching bedspread (yes,I have seen that in some client's homes :(
    Good luck with the hubs gone- I never realize how much they contribute until they leave...upside:Bravo instead of ESPN!

  19. i do not hate this look. i do not.
    i do however dislike the images you have chosen bc in 97% of those images the fabric is heinous.

  20. Girl I LOOOVE matching wallpaper and windows! Not all the time, and it can for sure be tacky to the MAX, but I have also seen it done very, very well and look amazingly eclectic and not at all stuffy and vomit inducing. I will email you pics!!

  21. oh girl I feel your pain. I too have a hubby that gets to travel the globe while I change diapers and scrape cheetos off the couch! But in his defense he does bring me back some awesome goodies!

  22. I can definitely relate to the travel talk. My husband travels all year long (to fabulous locations), and I am in the middle of his 2 week travel trip to New Zealand as we speak. However, I am blessed with not having to work, and being able to raise my 5 year old and 16 month old. Hang in there, it can be lonely/difficult/etc., stay busy and it will fly by.

  23. Kind of looks like a designer who said "I love this fabric and I am going to use it all over the God's be damned!" Maybe if it was an all white room and they used white curtains I could forgive :)

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