Friday, August 12, 2011


The interior designer wears many hats. I am in the biz of pretty, and servicing my clients so that they are happy in there homes.  I am also in the biz of coming across some pretty fantastic deals and offering them to my clients/friends/blog lovers at CRAZY good prices. 

Here is what's up,

I am helping a client sell some pretty stunning pieces that are literally 5 months or less old and in PERFECT CONDITION. All are high end expensive stuff that she is practically giving away.

Are you ready....are you sure....Well then break out your Check Books and lets get purchasing.
Remember if you have a client in mind or own a store or are a compulsive hoarder then this is the post for you!

First Item up for Sale

Knoll Saarinen 78" oval pedestal.
 White base, walnut top. 5 months old, hardly used.
Paid $6411.  Asking $3,000 OBO

Lee Industries Chairs.
Overall: W27  D37  H41  
Inside: W22  D24  H23  
Seat Height: 17
Arm Height: 17

 Paid $4632 for both. Sell for $1500 OBO

   Hickory Chair- Thomas O'Brien Tricia Chest

 2,000 OBO

Bleach Mohagany & Steel Cocktail Table 
Cocktail table is: 32"D x 43"L x 18.5 H
   Paid $1677  Sell for $700

 Antique Khotan rug. 4'6" x 7"
 Paid $4800. Sell for $2,000 OBO

Tufted Ottoman 
43 x 43 x 20 H

Paid $1000  Selling for $500 OBO

Blue tufted sofas 
   Paid $5500 for both. Sell for $2,000 OBO for both

60 W x 40 D x 34 H

 96 w x 40 d x 34 h

Hickory Chair - Thomas O'Brien Gallery Trestle Table
$3,000 OBO

That's some good ass deals if you ask me.

Just email me if your interested and I can get back to you with shipping info..ect.

Why don't you all just make me an offer I can't refuse



  1. seriously some great items. that is a whole house of amazing stuff. I am interested in the rug, can you give me the measurements please.

  2. I think that rug is pretty cute...and I missing something? Why is she parting with it...Oh, no. I am questioning my whole aesthetic!

  3. If that is her "junk" then I am going to hide in a hole and never come out.....

  4. How can she sell such gorgeous things?! I swear each piece was better than the last.

  5. Holy is right! I just bought a knock off of that Saarinen table- oh how I would have loved a real one!! I'm sure it all will be snapped up VERY quickly!!!

  6. Whoever gets those couches will be getting a pretty incredible deal. Jealous.

  7. Whatever has caused the need to unload these goodies, well I send my sincerest kind thoughts. Wish I wasn't so geographically removed so I could assist with the purchase of some of these!

  8. Are these pieces located in LA? I'm very interested in a few. Thanks!

  9. Hi Amy,
    Yes everything is located in Newport Beach wich is about an hour and 30 away from LA.
    Please email me if you are interested in shipping quotes

  10. I'm guessing none of this is still available? Blue couches, Lee Industries chairs, and white ottoman specifically.

    Just discovered your blog and looove it!

  11. Just found your blog and I have been unashamedly stalking through you post archives. No chance any of this is still available, I assume. But if any of it is, please, speak up!