Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Monday Monday

Check out a couple of my rooms in the new House of Fifty Fall issue. There is a great article about "How to Create an Eclectic space" on page 52 so please go take a looksy. The whole magazine is filled with eye candy!

So please go and take a peek at all the pretty pictures and super tips.

in other news

There is lots going on over at AID. I have another new client starting this week which I am SOOOO excited about. The house is a stunner and I can't wait to get my hands in it and start making all types of gorgeousness happen. 

On Saturday I had my first blogger meet up EVER. I met up with the lovely and talented Jamie, her Faboosh partner in crime Keila, and quite possibly the chicest fella around Mr.Nick Frickin-Olsen. We discussed all manner of pressing an relevant current affairs....Such As..

"Natasha Leone look alike but the tranny version really knows how to mad-dog"
"I am a bar tender, not a waitress"
"Tip on a Tip"
"Cobra sparkles"
"Teach me how to Donkey, teach me.. teach me.. how to Donkey"
"Yes, Donkey Shows are real"
"Caftan Communes" {apparently I am elligable}
"Soulja Boy"

and about 2,327 other extremely vulgar topics I won't mention for fear of scaring the majority of you off reading my blog. I drank a lot of tequila and rum filled cocktails and if it was up to me we would all live closer so that nights like Saturday could take place more every night type of more often.

My camera and phone died so I only took 3 blurry and shitty photos so here they are. We are all WAY better looking than this...scouts honor. Oh and Jim Jammy James has way better boob hair than me...FACT.

I was 3 toadloads deep in these photos so an awkward bear hug was totally called for.

BTW at the fear of sounding weird..... I NEED AN INTERN!!  Someone who can do a lot of things that myself and my sidekick Amanda just don't have time to do. I need an awesome helper who wants to work in the loony bin world of AID with the potential to grow with my company. I will teach you lots and give you things like pizza and paint chips. If this sounds like something you are crazy enough to take part in, Email me here and I will send you more details. 

You also don't really have to live in Los Angeles although it's preferred.


  1. you are missing another in me.
    i would have been licking you are winning.

  2. I realllllllly want to order a fabric from you- Tulu - can you let me know how this happens????

  3. I wish I lived in LA...and thank you boatloads for letting me use your fabulous pictures for the article- mushy kisses/adore you and your fabulous self.

  4. Congrats on the feature! Your business is really booming and the press is well deserved! I hope you find the most fabulous intern in the world!

  5. I am a new reader and I love your blog! I'm currently decorating a new apartment and I am in LOVE with that buffet/side piece that you have in that last picture in your feature in the magazine. Where did you get that? I am looking for something extremely similar to use in my new living room! If you get a chance, I'd love to know. Thanks!

  6. And add another blonde to the list! I wish I was your neighbor, because I totally would let you ply me with liquor and craft rediculousness like "how to paint monkey balls".
    Noice job on the press my dear!!

  7. I just saw your designs over at House of Fifty and had to pop over to tell you how much I loved them!

  8. i found your blog yesterday & have been trolling in utter amazement that i have FINALLY found a designer that shares my style! it's exciting! i haven't had the chance, being in houston, to design in my style YET. aaggghhhhh. i've been beyond frustrated lately & you've given me a glimmer of hope.
    we should be besties. ok that's weird. ignore the creepy girl;)

  9. I would kill to be your intern. If only Las Vegas was another word for LA.