Monday, August 22, 2011

hey ducky' catch a hint.

Is 30 the new 20?

I sure as shit hope so cause I turn 30 in a month and I am freaking out!!

You know those Moms you see, who dress like complete hookers and wear clothes from the "junior miss" department in stores, in a sad attempt to get there 14 year old daughters boyfriends to call them   M.I.L.F's????

Well, do you reckon that my frequent use of the words "balls" and "gnar-gnar" will make me look like a desperate 30 year old hanging on to the vocab of a zitty 15 year old? 

Does anyone else think that your 30's is such an ambiguous age...I mean, how the hell am I supposed to act?

What is it to be 30??

Someone recently told me that women find there maturity and also go through there sexual peak in there 30's......well, I guess that's cool. So what, do us 30 year olds just run around humping & whorin it up???

Someone give me something else because if I have to start acting more mature as well, I am Fucked.  Sorry for my lack of a better word..but I don't turn thirty for another month so.....fuck, fuck , fuck, 
ball juice..

The point of this rant is a simple one. I need tons of distractions from my pending birthday blues, so I will be virtual window shopping for you all here on Mondays until September 17th {my B-Day}

The posts will be approprietly named


So Lets shop


*** my favorite thing on this page HAS GOT to be the iPhone case...Ahem, Ducky...yu hurd dat??***


  1. My favorite thing is the iphone case as well!

  2. I started having anxiety about turning 30, that was 7 years ago. I have to say the best thing about turning 30 is that I haven't started acting like an old fart, I didn't start acting like nor dressing like a whore AND I realize you don't know shit until you hit your 30's! I'm sure I'll think the same about 30 when I hit 40!!

  3. Don't turn 30, turn 29 again! I am on my 3rd year of being 29 and I am getting quiet good at it. ;)

  4. Hey we have the same b'day - but I have a few more years to add to 30, so here's my tuppence worth - you will age with grace and charm and sometimes curse like a trooper and always find something fun at X21 because we are all young at heart.

  5. Me too, love that iphone case! And I am no help with the 30s thing. All of my friends in their 30s are all way more fun than most 20 year olds I know. Not sure they changed anything post 30... I think its the way to go!

  6. Don't worry Amber we all go through it. I turned 30 in June and in a desperate attempt to not go insane and break down over the whole "age" thing, George and I went to New York. I wanted to go somewhere awesome to distract me from the fact that I was turning 30,unmarried nowhere near being ready to be a mum and still wearing kitsch dresses with milkshakes on the front(my catchphrase was becoming "am I too old to wear this" in the run up to the dreaded dirty 30).I kept thinking I should surely be wanting to do more grown up things and dress more grown up,and even though the night before my birthday I had turned 30 in the UK 6 hours earlier. I clung onto that New York time like nobody's business and even counted down the last minute of my 20s.George found the whole thing hilarious as any other person who is 24 would.But I actually found it less scarier than I thought it would be.I feel like I'm more confident in my 30s. I constantly get told I look younger (which is always nice). It feels like a good age to be.I think 30s are the new 20s for sure.

    Try not to worry. Plus your beautiful and I can't see you suddenly looking haggered once your birthday comes around :) embrace the age.

    A friend of mine turned 30 a few months before me and when I asked her how she felt, her response was Beyonce turns 30 this year so we're in good company hahaha

  7. I loved turning 30...37 on the other hand...not so much- I'm getting dangerously close to 40 and that my friend is not at all a fun prospect. Although I think 30s are the best so far the one shitballs thing about them is that your 20 and young, you turn 30 and then they whizz by like a rocket and you're almost's very weird- they're definitely the fastest my humble opinion. Love your pics and yes, Duck MUST buy you that cell phone case- it's purty!!!

  8. Do something BIG to celebrate your 30th! Make a mark!

    And PLEEEEASE don't try to 'grow up'....those tacky woman trying to recapture their teens? They were probably tacky ass 20-somethings too...some people just can't help themselves...

  9. I am 34 in 2 weeks time and I don't feel like I have changed at all, I still feel like i'm in my early 20's! I sometime still get aked for ID in pubs too!
    My advice is don't worry about being 30 cos as Aaliyah once said 'Age aint nuthin but a number' and how right she was! Just act and dress how you want to, cos one day when your old and wrinkly you wont have the figure to carry off such style haha! xx

  10. Ahem... I just turned 37 on Saturday and my vocabulary still resembles that of a drunken [probably 19-year old] sailor. Keeps ya young, I say! I still feel like I'm 22 in my mind, just with a lot more experience and wisdom... which is really pretty rad when you think about it. so--Yay, 30s!

  11. oooo yeah! you're a great shopper, i think i'll snag off your list for my impending bday! and 30 is hawt. My next couple of birthdays are so no hawt...or cute...or funny.

  12. The thirties are great. It's the perfect age! Old enough to not be making as many mistakes. Young enough to still be hot!


  13. you don't need distractions. you need to accept that the best years of your life are still ahead of you. you're not even the best looking you're ever gonna be. yet. to quote a great american novelist, pat conroy, "all was prelude."

    you have put 30 years behind you. 18 of them were spent as a child. it cannot be that you would have 12 prime years and then spend another 5 - 6 decades as an old person. a life is apportioned in stages, not numbers, and the best of yours is looming. enjoy it.

    or regret it when you're 50.

  14. I love this post! All the items are fantastic and best of all I just found out they will ship that rug to me all the way here in AUSTRALIA. Woo-hoo! Thanks for finding it for me, I've been hunting for ages. Oh and THAT LAMP! I'm going to get a quote on changing the plugs for Australian sockets. Thanks Amber!! (Oh, and I'm 31 and my 30's have been way more fun than 20's so far!)

  15. You have NO sympathy from me. I'll be 18 years older than you in a few days time! Don't sweat it; its like the Y2K bug....nothing terrible happens! (Actually it's more like Pantene adverts; 'it won't happen overnight, but it will happen'! LOL!I'm still loving life and feel 25! (I don't recognise that woman in the mirror though! Eeek!Have a wonderful birthday....and many happy ones to come!
    x KL

  16. At 34 I still hang out with friends and drink. The difference is the wine is better and the conversation more interesting. And it's the middle of the day.

    I also don't take shit from no one anymore.

    I spent most of my twenties raising little ones (still there!) so I hope thirties are more fun!!

  17. Ditto Lemondrops & Christine. You do feel smarter (but braincell dumber) at the same time. YOu also become more comfortable with yourself & don't give a crap what other folks think as much.
    The biggest problem I have is once you hit 35 you can't remember your current age. I have been telling everyone I'm 37, but I just did the math and I'm 36. So this October I decided I'm turning 36 since I missed a whole year. Its all good, and you can still have a truckers mouth.