Friday, August 19, 2011


I took to the streets of craigslist cause I was so desperate for an intern, and let's just say....there are some frightening fuckers in the world..needless to say I am still looking for the right fit.

For Example:

I have been getting emails like this 


To whom it may concern,
Over the past four years I have developed strong sales skills that have guided me throughout my short career in sales and has made me a respectable team player for many companies to come. I look forward in meeting and creating new relationships everyday. I am currently going back to finishing my intended career goal in Interior Design and will appreciate consideration with your firm. As an intern I will be able to use my skills with product knowledge, assisting you and being able to learn more of the industry. I look forward to meeting with you.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

*names and faces may have been changed to protect the privacy of the innocent*

and then there was this Gem:

*this was the actual email- I figured it was a joke, but it might not be??

*You live in LA and are obsessed with all things design
*You get down with blogs and know some stuff bout HTML
*You like to shop for fabric, and have an eye for cool stuff
*You don't mind doing gopher stuff like bank and post office runs
*You can take a joke and don't mind being beat with a hanger if you screw up
*You think I am great and like whats going on over here at AID
*You know computers cause its really important
*You know the PDC..if you don't know what the PDC is then don't even ask 
*You must get along with others and have a car

send me an email with a photo....It's like a virtual interview so I like to see who the hell it is I am reading about



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  5. you are kind of my new blog addiction. this is hysterical.

  6. Holy shazbot that is funny. I wish I was in LA because I would totally throw my hat in and I promise you, I am mindly crazy...but in a good way :) Good luck and I am sure whomever comes on board is gonna have a fantastic time.

  7. OMG cracks me up!! I'm sorry for laughing at your expense, but I went thru the same weirdness last year when I went on the hunt for an intern. Needless to say, I gave up. Since I work from home I need to feel safe having a stranger in a my house. Have not found that person yet.

    Good luck with your search!

  8. I sure wish I was young and unencumbered and I could come work for you! It'd would be laugh riot with some great work going on....good luck in your search....sigh

  9. Great! I am just about to post for one too. I think I'll stick with the 2 design schools nearby. crap.

  10. Eek! Also, you might want to fix your ad b/c you spelled internship wrong.

  11. Hey Whitney, thats why I need an intern because I am too busy to spell correctly......thanks for pointing that out.
    Want a job?

  12. That has made my day so hilarious I cant stop chuckeling.

  13. He-larious! And PS, I'd be banging down your front door if I lived in LA.

  14. Oh If I were 10 years younger with not so many "adult" responsibilities I would sooo apply to be your intern. Good luck, I hope you find someone who will rock.

  15. Would you consider at 27 year old "intern"? I've been working in the commercial market for almost 10 years, and I'd really like to make the switch to residential. I even have some historical restoration under my belt. Email me if you'd consider someone a bit older.


  16. haha. yikes. i think bozo the clowns image will be engrained in my head forever.