Friday, July 15, 2011

Turn around

So remember my post from yesterday when I showed you some of my new client in Sunny Santa Monica's pretty and traditional pad....Well let's talk about this shall we?? There is a little back story here.. If you follow my blog you can kinda get an idea about my style. I love color! I think a room without color is like cake without frosting. This being said you may have been SHOCKED to see such a calm and for lack of a better word, boring room palette for my lovely client............

You see, my completely cool and stylish client was sure she wanted a calm and cool color palette. She thought she wanted some grays and sands and maybe punches of blues and pinks. All mainly monochromatic and well....pretty BORING! So being the clients means to the end, I aimed to please and delivered, through grinding teeth, a calm as I know how to, design scheme. When I meet with my clients I always try to bring alternatives for fabric so that they can see other options. I showed her the rooms and samples and she was like"I think I want COLOR" She kept eyeing my "second option" bag filled to the brim with bright colors and funky wallpapers that I thought she would never go for. Well I busted out the secret stash and BAM, just like that, I changed her mind and brought her into my world of color and crazy!

I am back to the drawing board but with some fantastic colors to work with...and I couldn't be happier.
For example I might bring a little fuscia pink and wine......

like this cracker.....

Navy Velvet sofa...sure why not
and some of these throw pillows

some rug goodness

maybe this paper
all over the Master Bedroom
maybe some of this......

 and don't forget about this...

Ahhhhh, now this feels better.


  1. funny, I thought the other room didn't seem quite you. But then again, I have clients' where I have to stretch my own taste too. Such a good idea to bring alternative bolder items! This is looking delightful

  2. I actually loved the the boards from yesterday and think that they were muted and calm but not boring :)

    That being said I am currently bringing a little wine fiorentina into my place now and can't wait to see the new boards!

  3. I'm new to reading your blog, but I must say so far I love it. And I love this room scheme, that DG wallpaper is a personal favorite as well.

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  5. In a word... GORGEOUS! you seriously rock. xo

  6. Oh! How I wish I was your client!!

  7. There is no way for you to actually understand how badly I want that blue sofa...I dream about it. I can't have it for a couple more years and am petrified I'm going to change my mind and then regret it forever. WAAAANT!

    Seriously love everything else too.

  8. please please please move next door to me and be my bff!! i bake cakes, breads and cookies on a fairly regular basis. your kid could pop over to play and swim. your taste is so what i love, but am not able to communicate or project into my home!

    love you. mean it.

  9. I think they both are nice. It's also good to stretch your design legs too sometimes. I'm a fan of color though!

  10. I'm putting that exact paper in my powder bath! It's so beautiful!