Monday, July 25, 2011

good morning good afternoon good evening good night

I am not gonna stat this week in blog land off by bitching and moaning about my immense work matter how much I want to. I am instead going to take the less traveled high road and pay attention to what's really lovers!!! I would like to say good morning good afternoon good evening and good night to you pretty lovers.

 Thanks for takin the time out to come visit me. 

I recently happened on Tulu Fabrics when I was shopping for my newest client and I am smitten...

Here is a little sample of there's pretty pretty if you ask me.

I am busy with weddings and clients and flowers and the weight of the world, so..... if I suck this week at bloggin, Cut me some slack :)

You can order these fabrics above from me!


  1. GORGEOUS!!! I love the dark headboards!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

    :) Hazel

  2. Fun! and I'm dying over those headboards! Makes me want to get jiggy with a jigsaw and plywood.

  3. Focus on stuff away from the computer...then come show us all of it when it's over!!!

  4. gosh the blue bed frame is stunning. love.
    M & E

  5. Hi Amber! I'm actually interested in one of the fabrics to make a headboard. I checked out the website, but wanted to work with you (if the price is right).

    What's the process to order with you?

    Thanks much!


  6. Really pretty fabrics! Take it easy and turn off your computer!

  7. ok...i am interested in fabric #3...the dark blue with the pinky flowers. email me please.

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