Friday, July 8, 2011

Cara is nothing less than a stylish superstar with a knack for finding all things gorgeous. She can blog like nobody's business and..Oh yeah..she's really sweet !!! If you have not been over to Cara at Lilac and Grey please go say Hi and tell her I sent ya!

Hello dolls! This is Cara from Lilac and Grey, and I am so excited that Amber asked me to guest post for her "Outfit to Room" series! Right now in both fashion and interiors I am all about beautiful florals and watercolor prints- asian accents- blue suede- blush and nude tones-tassels and lace. I have grouped all of these loves into a girly Garden Party outfit..

Garden Party
$795 -
€578 -
$40 -
$570 -
£690 -
$149 -
€56 -

And here is my interpretation. I like me a little outside living. It can be just as glamourous as an inside room....but with more bugs. Lets have a cocktail under the twinkle lights shall we? After all we are dressed for a Garden Party!


  1. That outfit is so beautiful. I can immediately see the room version of it. I would turn those YSL pumps into a gorgeous tufted, rolled arm sofa in blue mohair and that bag into a creamy camel leather chair with a few brass nail heads for a little bling. And the dress...well, it's already a stunning watercolor. Great post, Cara!

  2. I want to dive right in!!! Love it!


  3. That outfit is begging me to wear it and throw a fete in my backyard

  4. Thank you again Amber! I had sooo much fun doing this!
    <3 Cara