Friday, July 29, 2011

What happened

Wedding is done. I am so glad it's done for so many reasons I wouldn't know how or where to start. Anyways as promised I will show you how it turned out. I was very proud of my team and our ability to pull it off. We worked for 3 solid days from 6:30 am till 9 pm and that's not counting last weeks countless hours and nightmares to finish my clients back yard construction. Super stressful and yeah I am really glad it's over.







Now it's back to business as usual. New clients. New projects. New mind frame....woop woop.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

"please do not disturb"

I feel like I have just given birth. I am so tired and think I am coming down with a The wedding I designed and planned, took place in my clients backyard yesterday. It was really, really pretty, if I do say so myself, and I am quite proud and shocked that me and my AMAZING BEYOND WORDS TEAM  were able to pull it off without burning the house down. We did the work of 20 pack mules, but there was only 4 of us ......pretty impressive. Thank the high heavens I am blessed with the craftiest of crews who are not only work horses, but are pleasant AND easy on the eyes to boot!!
I promise that after I have a day or re-couping, I will be back to my regularly scheduled programming. 

Here are some pretty pictures to tide you over.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Outside Pretties

So I got home at 9PM last night after leaving my house at 8AM..... I was with one client bathing in fabrics and then up to my "outside room" gig where I am seting up for my clients wedding tomorrow! I have no time to write this post so I will just put some progress shots.. stay tuned.









Monday, July 25, 2011

good morning good afternoon good evening good night

I am not gonna stat this week in blog land off by bitching and moaning about my immense work matter how much I want to. I am instead going to take the less traveled high road and pay attention to what's really lovers!!! I would like to say good morning good afternoon good evening and good night to you pretty lovers.

 Thanks for takin the time out to come visit me. 

I recently happened on Tulu Fabrics when I was shopping for my newest client and I am smitten...

Here is a little sample of there's pretty pretty if you ask me.

I am busy with weddings and clients and flowers and the weight of the world, so..... if I suck this week at bloggin, Cut me some slack :)

You can order these fabrics above from me!

Friday, July 22, 2011

I feel DUMB.

I have to say that I definitely feel a bit douchey posting pictures of myself for all to see. I am not a shy person per-say but I am my own worst critic so the thought of dancing around in an outfit and putting myself on display is a bit weird....however, I am willing to see how it goes. 


"cool boots man"

"tiny pockets moth-licka"

"Hard-Core Eyore Vibe"

"Wait...these shoes are really cute"

These last two pictures I threw in because you must know I am NOT a serious modely type gal...I feel stupid without a smile on my face and I feel even dumber trying not to laugh. The shots above were the only time I was not smiling, making faces, or just acting like a general dumb-ass. Just ask the Duck...he can profess to that!!!

tops:both F21, shorts:seven, boots:H by Hudson, watch:Michael Khors, braceletts: Long Beach Flea Market


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thanks for the mentions.....And some more progress

I had the pleasure of meeting the sweet and talented Nicole of So Haute blog a few months back. She contacted me to do an interview and come see my newly remodeled home. At the time of the meeting I had literally JUST decided to go out on my own in this design world. I was really shocked when she contacted little ole me cause it was kinda my first interview as a "designer" out on my own trying to make a name for myself. We did a walk through my house and here are some of the shots she got. Go take a look at the post and report back to me. 

In other news, I have been busting my balls to get my "outdoor room" job done before the wedding, which will be happening in this very backyard on Wednesday......Hold on a second, let me repeat myself.... I am designing/planning a wedding event, flowers, food, everything as well as trying to finish this MAJOR outdoor room project...Oh yeah and if I haven't told you, I have other clients and a 2 year old, a husband, a dog, a cat, AND a brand new business. Most days I ask myself "now, why the hell did I take on all of these jobs again?

Here is some more progress, I am still a ways away form being done....No budget to change the color of the existing outdoor sectional, still waiting for the most beautiful zinc and cedar dining well as swagged outdoor fabric on the ceiling of the pregola.

ALSO, According to you lovers, you would like to see my daily outfits and turn them into rooms.....I am gonna go for it and if I suck its all YOUR fault.

Love you Mean It

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

keeping it together

I have had some very sweet emails asking me "how do you keep it all together" which makes me laugh uncontrollably. 

Keep it together?    Who.....Me?.??  Have you seen the bags under my eyes, or the state on my fingernails...?  I can't even get a full hour in the day to squeeze in some hair color which I desperately need..BTW

So the answer to this question my dear lovers who are thoughtfully,  I don't keep it together at all!!!! I regularly have mental and over the top emotional break downs involving curse words and throwing heavy objects at my husbands head, or sometimes I am found running down my streets at midnight wearing nothing but running shoes and a helmet made of tin foil singing to myself in tongues. Shit gets so stressful around my house/business some days, I think to myself....."you think anyone would notice if I just built a tee pee outside in the yard and slept in it all week, with a sign on the door reading 

"DEAD FOR THE NEXT 3-5 business days
Please Come Back Later when I am back alive"

OK, I digress. 
Yes I have a lot on my plate and yes I somehow manage to do about %85 of it really, really well. 

There is always a method to my madness.Organized chaos for me is key....let me let you in on some of my crazy...

My once pretty desk has now become a mess...

an organized mess however that has somehow managed to migrate into my dining room and take over the dining table as well.

poor dining table..

Then there is my actual Laptop Desktop disaster. Which is by far the most dis ourganized organization I have ever seen.

I even felt the need to photograph my outfit to make sure my crazy eyes didn't miss if I was covered in dog shit, or G had drawn on my face with markers before my meeting with a client..

Whilst we are on the subject, I know how so many bloggers post themselves wearing outfits.....I myself am on the fence to do or not to do.? Would you guys think I was soooo annoying if I started doing outfit to room post using my own outfits? Would you care???

Have a great day...go get a mani+pedi and think of me loosing my mid.