Thursday, June 9, 2011

world tour Stop: CHINA!

Today we are going to the far east. China is our destination and number 4 on my bucket list. Maybe the main reason why I want to go there is to once and for all settle the score as to what the tramp stamp lower back tattoo that I got on Sunset Blvd. drunk and 14 years old really means. I was told it was the symbol for "precious" by the tattoo dude and then told it meant "pork noodles" by the take-out guy. I really just want to know?? 

To tell you the truth this post series is boring me. I would MUCH rather show you pretty pictures of interior design things or maybe a bitchin DIY. I am going to see the week through though and bore your balls off. You cool with that?

Righty-O Chaps....CHINA...


  1. Ok, so now you HAVE to show us the tattoo...perhaps this mystery can be solved by the internet!

  2. A similar thing happened to me aged 16 on my foot, I rectified it with getting a cover up of flowers.What is it with teenagers and Chinese symbols??? anyways I love your bucket list of travels so far and am looking forward to where your taking us tomorrow :)

    I'm going to a bucket list destination of my own this weekend NYC wahooooo :)

  3. Amber I am not bored these images are really inspiring!!

    Art by Karena

  4. Not bored at all! The images are wonderful. I specially love the man stering his boat with lots of cranes balancing on the rim. And yes! Now you HAvE to show us your tatoo!! :)

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  6. I just happened upon your blog and LOVE these pictures. I actually am living in China for 1 1/2 years and I really want to go and see the city where pictures 5 and 7 were taken. Do you know which part of China they were taken???? my email is