Monday, June 13, 2011

No Post Monday

Hi, So i am sick again!!! This time with something I can only describe as a silent migraine with flu symptoms and nausea. Its rotten and crappy and I am still working and Mommying and feeling like death. Here is a pretty picture though to at least attempt to brighten my day. Sorry for being a crappy blogger today...if you would like to file a formal complaint  take it up with Human Resources.


  1. oh no poor you migraines are awful & when you are a mummy you have no choice but to battle on I really sympathize. I hope you feel much better soon, bubble bath & an early night perscribed for you

  2. no sick days in mommying huh? Hope you feel better doll- xoxo shel

  3. You're hilarious even when you feel crappy!!! Feel better soon, Amber. Oh, and when you have time please send me HR's email address. I'm pissed and have several complaints to file. :)

  4. Oh Honey I feel for you..I have been battling this horrid flu turned cold for almost 3 weeks now...and just when my little one was on the mend..he woke up with a temperature this morning...uggh! Keep your fluids up , plenty of paracetamol...and PLENTY of rest when you works wonders. Wishing you a speedy recovery . Anna x

  5. Feel better! I hate being sick, was sick 2 weeks ago for almost 2 wks!!
    THANK GOD im better now!

  6. You poor thing. Take as much rest as you need and I hope you feel much better soon
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  7. being sick when you're a mommy stinks - feel better soon

  8. no! god i hate being sucks now doesn't it?
    you can't fully rest like you need bc you have selfish brats and husbands that need need need!!

    i am sending you all the good energy i can muster..
    get well.

  9. You need to rest up you designin momma! Feel better soon!